2018 GMC Terrain Gets A Huge Suite Of New Features

Published January 20, 2017

The compact CUV market has shows great sales over the last couple years but needed updates badly. Enter the 2018 GMC Terrain with everything we could have asked for. This marks a great leap in the features and options that this class needs.

Exterior Design

On the outside, we see the boxy shape of the previous models being swept aside for a more smooth shape. From front to back there’s a more sleek flow to the body’s overall profile. This is complimented by a floating pillar design that works well with the sloped line of the roof.

The wheelbase has been shortened by 5.2 inches with the overall length coming in by 3.2in. This slightly cuts into the interior cargo space with a reduction of two cubic feet overall. With the seats up, this gives 29.6cu.ft while dropping the rear row brings it up to 63.3 cubic feet.

With four different trim levels, there are different markers that identify the vehicle with more than badges. The SL and SLE trims levels come standard with 17 inch wheels while the SLT has 18s. Meanwhile, the Denali option give 19in wheels as well as LED headlights, exterior chrome trim, and a powered lift gate.

Interior Revisions

On the inside, the seating has seen a complete update that includes rears that tuck flat to the floor. The passenger seat also collapses down and forward to the glove box to make more storage space. In the center console, the electronic shifter has slimmed down to take up less room as well.

Electronic updates weren’t forgotten when designing the 2018 GMC Terrain, there are many new and improved notes here. A 360 degree camera system has been added to the active safety suite and helps with situational awareness. Infotainment touch screens come in both 7 and 8 inch sizes and are integrated with the Bose sound system.

Active noise cancellation reduces the amount of road noise making its way into the cabin for a quieter ride. Rear seat reminders and forward collision warnings help keep drivers aware of their activities. Automatic precollision braking and lane keep assist round out the driver help features available in the 2018 Terrain. The highest trim level, Denali, also carries navigation capabilities as well as a heated steering wheel.

Engine Options

The naturally aspirate V6 and inline four of the previous versions have been retired in favor of three new options. Two turbocharged choices have been added to the lineup, a 1.5L as well as a 2L. Both of these are paired to a nine speed automatic transmission.

The third new engine is a 1.6L turbodiesel that’s giving 137 horsepower as well as 240 pound feet of torque. This highly requested choice is mated to a six speed automatic transmission. In comparison, the two gas options are pushing 170 and 252 horsepower respectively.

Other Changes

One of the most notable updates for performance is that the 2018 GMC Terrain has shed quite a bit of weight. The 1.5L turbocharged model comes in at 3327 pounds, a drop of 465lbs from the lightest 2017 model. This contributes to the more fuel efficient performance that GMC has aimed the new Terrain at.

Drivers can choose between different drives modes to fit their driving conditions and further fuel savings. AWD is available on demand but the rear prop shaft can be disconnected when not needed. All of these look to be placing the Terrain to take more than just one sixth of GMC’s sales. The second best selling vehicle for the division may soon take over as its leader in 2018.



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