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Introducing The Awesome 2018 Honda CB1000R

We Didn’t Expect This At All: The Sports Café Inspired 2018 CB1000R

Updated August 24, 2018

It’s very rare that a concept goes into production and manages to keep all of its incredible design features but Honda have managed it: introducing the 2018 Honda CB1000R. It wasn’t long ago that Honda managed to command our attention with their rather splendid Neo Sports Café concept. We were impressed by the ferocity of it all but we liked how it was subtle in execution. And then we sighed. It was only a concept after all, and very few concepts make it into production…and when they do, they’re usually a shadow of their former selves and barely share any DNA with the original drawings.

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To make matters worse, we weren’t entirely sure what we were looking at. It was a great concept, but there was no indication of what the final end goal was for it. Was it just a concept? Was it going to be a quirky special edition that would probably only get released in Europe or Asia? Was it just a design exercise to showcase Honda’s vision for the next decade? It could’ve been many things. What it turned out to be was the last thing we expected: it was the blueprint for a new model that would appear in the very near future…and the 2018 Honda CB1000R part caught us all by surprise. A pleasant surprise, indeed.

Going Against The Grain: This Is The 2018 CB1000R

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Honda have decided to buck the trend with their naked streetfighter model. While we’ve always loved Kawasaki’s fiercely sharp and futuristic Z-series, and Yamaha’s strikingly aggressive FZ-10, or Suzuki’s muscular and no nonsense GSX-S1000, we can’t help but feel that the market is perhaps a little over saturated with…bold and beastly nakeds. And that’s what makes Honda’s decision to throw caution to the wind with the 2018 Honda CB1000R so special. For a start it’s quite out of character for ol’ safehands Honda, and most importantly: it’s exactly what the market requires. We’re not looking at a naked streetbike on steroids, we’re looking at a refined retro-modern machine for the sophisticated rider.

2018 Honda CB1000R - 1 2018 Honda CB1000R - 6

It might be retro-modern and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean it’s impotent. Far from it, in fact. The 2018 Honda CB1000R uses the same engine tried and tested four cylinder engine that we’re already familiar with on the CBR1000RR, but naturally Honda have re-tuned it for the sake of decency – but the power reductions aren’t that drastic. The new breed of Honda CB1000R produces a very respectable 143 horses (which is 20 hp more than the previous incarnation of the CB1000R) and comes with a peak torque figure of 77 lb-ft.

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To keep that power under control, Honda have treated the 2018 CB1000R with a slipper clutch, ride by wire (finally) with 3 distinct throttle maps, traction control, engine power maps, and engine braking modes. The traction control, and engine maps will also have selectable settings too, just like the CBR1000RR.

2018 Honda CB1000R - 10 2018 Honda CB1000R - 9

The 2018 Honda CB1000R has also been built on top of an entirely brand new steel frame, which is sprung with adjustable Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) forks up front twinned with a fully adjustable Showa rear shock.

2018 Honda CB1000R - 8

Honda have also got another model in the pipeline called the CB1000R+ which promises to be a more high-tech version of the 2018 Honda CB1000R equipped with top shelf accessories like a quickshifter and the like, but that’s yet to be unveiled. But who cares about the premium edition? We want this one, and as soon as we know the US pricing and availability, we will definitely let you know…


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