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2018 Honda Gold Wing

This Teaser Video Is Getting The Internet Psyched For A 2018 Honda Gold Wing!

All the signs indicate that the 2018 Honda Gold Wing is on its way!

Although Honda haven’t said anything specific, the internet has already decided that the 2018 Honda Gold Wing is getting unveiled next month at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now, we know that you shouldn’t believe everything that you read on the internet, but there is a pretty strong case for the unveiling of a completely overhauled 2018 Honda Gold Wing in the next few weeks. You see, a new Gold Wing is well overdue, it has been rumored for the last few years, and now Honda have added a little more fuel to the fire by launching a rather interesting advertising campaign. And Big Red have also mentioned that they’re going to be unveiling an “important 2018 motorcycle” on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show. 2018 Honda Gold Wing? Possibly.

2018 Honda Gold Wing 2

Will A 2018 Honda Gold Wing Be Unveiled In Tokyo?

Honda GL1000

Honda have started showing off a series of five videos to help build some hype for the Tokyo Motor Show, and many think that this video (below) is a clear indication that a 2018 Honda Gold Wing is on the way. The video isn’t exactly award-winning, and Honda clearly need to inject a bit of enthusiasm into their advertising team, but if you look closely at the content there’s something that stands out. All of the bikes featured are new, modern machines…all except one: the original GL1000 Gold Wing. Is it a hint that a new ‘Wing is on the way? Possibly. Tin-foil hat theories aside, it does seem likely.

Ending with the hashtag “#whatliesbeyond” it could be a nice indication that we should be expecting the next step in the Gold Wing evolutionary chain. But speculation is one thing. Luckily for our fan theorists, Honda have also dropped some more solid hints in the last few months. If you remember a little while ago we saw patent drawings for a new duo-level suspension system, and hub center steering capabilities for a Gold Wing model. Telling commercials, patent documents…it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to put two and two together.

2018 Honda Gold Wing Patent Sketch

A new Gold Wing would be a fantastic reveal in Tokyo, but what should we expect? Let’s ignore the suspension and center steering for a moment and focus on the unknown. Surely Honda would give the new GL some sophisticated rider aids like traction control, variable engine modes, cornering ABS, an over-the-top infotainment bonanza, semi-active suspension and more bells and whistles than are probably necessary. And let’s not forget Honda’s DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) – because that’s almost certainly going to be available on the new Gold Wing.

2018 Honda Gold Wing

But maybe we’re way off here. Since it’s been given so much hype, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a 2018 Honda Gold Wing is just a red herring, and we can all be disappointed when Honda pull the covers off of a production version of their Neowing hybrid three-wheeler instead.

Honda Logo


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