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2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 and GLA250 Got A Bit Of TLC

One of the smallest, but also the most vigorous crossovers received a facelift. Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA and the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 introduce only small changes and finely reimagined bits and pieces on the bumpers. Other new cosmetic touches grace the front end, but everything remained fairly familiar. Almost the same as before actually.

While the changes to the outside seem to be only for PR purposes, the interior of the GLA250 got a new gauge cluster, better infotainment system, and an Android Auto option. Updated infotainment supports new surround-view camera system, but its processors probably have something to do with driver drowsiness detection too. Buyers looking to further personalize their GLA will not be disappointed. Benz offers new seat fabric options, new leather options, silver covers for certain pieces of the dash and the like. Wood and carbon trim pieces are optional of course. Interestingly, even the lesser version – the GLA250, had its suspension slightly retuned. Now the GLA250 feels sharper and a tad stiffer.

Speaking about the sharpness and stiffness, the AMG GLA45 truly is the tip of the iceberg in the GLA lineup. Its two-liter 375hp four-banger remained unchanged. Not that we are disappointed. It is, after all, one of the sickest engines ever. Through the introduction of the special 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 AMG Performance Studio Package, the Germans additionally spiced up stuff. The car remained the same mechanically, but it had a fair amount of bling added to it. Glowing yellow details on the bumpers, mirrors, side skirts and wheels almost made the GLA45 a bit racy. Some will find this cool for sure. After all, yellow details on that enormous rear spoiler scream – “where are all those ricer Civics?”

America will see the GLA250 and the AMG GLA45. The former is available with the new Canyon Beige finish and it feels a bit “senior”, but the Night Black or Cosmos Black for the AMG give back youthful allure to the thing.

Supreme four banger mated with a 4Matic pushes the AMG GLA45. It still is a fast car with 60 mph cracking in 4.3 seconds. On the other hand, it tops at electronically limited 155 miles per hour. Fine machine for sure.


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