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2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab Overland Adventuremobile: Globetrotting Off-Road RV

Ultimate Global Overland Vehicle is Now Gas Powered & Has Seating For Family & Friends

EarthCruiser EXP Mitsubishi Fuso Dual Cab 4x4

Oregon-based vehicle builder EarthCruiser knows a thing or two about building global capable overland expedition vehicles. They’ve spent decades perfecting their craft. Each high-end 4×4 camper model they make boasts premium materials and extreme attention to detail. EarthCruiser is dedicated to hand-building each adventure truck with the precision and the goal to create the safest global overlanding 4×4 possible. The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab FX and EXP are the latest 4×4 RVs from the company. Not only can they go just about anywhere, but they are designed to take your friends and family with you on your next overland adventure.

At the pinnacle of EarthCruiser’s vehicle line-up is the EXP pop-top and FX hard-sided camper Fuso based expedition trucks, in both two and four-door variants. Starting in 2020 all these builds are gasoline-powered, versus diesel. EarthCruiser also offer the smaller EXD, which is designed for use on American one-ton truck chassis.

EarthCruiser Dual Cab Overland Camper

“The Dual Cab is a game-changer for EarthCruiser,” says Mary Balk, EarthCruiser’s Marketing Manager. “It’s akin to the Jeep evolution from single to Dual Cab. The majority of Jeeps sold today are Dual Cab.” Having a Dual Cab option opens up single-vehicle worldwide travel possibilities with family and/or friends. Offering Dual Cab options of their popular camper vehicles will help EarthCruiser appeal to families. Families are a core target audience that they’ve had a hard time attracting with their single-cab models. Balk says; “The demand for this vehicle has been incredible!” EarthCruiser Dual Cab chassis will be available in both EXP pop-top and FX fixed-roof models.

Any Road Overland Adventures

EarthCruiser’s slogan is; “EarthCruiser – for on-road travel or no road adventure.” They build high-quality trucks to travel all over the world and don’t care if customers travel on- or off-road. All roads lead to adventure, and EarthCruiser vehicles are well suited for most roads around the globe. They build all EXP, FX, and EXD models to withstand a variety of off-pavement adventures. However, they all offer a smooth and luxurious ride when on tarmac, too.

The 2020 EarthCruiser FX Interior

There are plenty of vehicles out there offering world-traveling capabilities like an EarthCruiser. But, none can compete when it comes to comfort and interior ergonomics. The EarthCruiser FX lives large. It offers a massive 77.25-inches of interior headroom and 87.7 square feet of space. The FX has an airy appearance and feel.

Even in the bed of the camper you get tons of space to move around. It boasts 44-inches of headroom from the top of its full-size mattress to the ceiling. That’s certainly enough space for adults to sit up in bed.

EarthCruiser designs each 4×4 camper with globe-trotting travelers in mind. The campers are made with top-notch marine-grade materials. They have gobs of storage opportunities, too. In addition, casement-type side windows offer up privacy and insect screens. You can enjoy outside scenery while being in a comfortable climate-controlled space. Sound dampening materials are used throughout the vehicle, reducing road noise and keeping interior temps constant.

You get all the comforts of home in the EarthCruiser FX. It features an interior composting toilet and a full-height shower. It is perfect when adventuring in the desert, snow, forest, or sand. In addition to cleaning yourself off after romping with Mother Nature, you can stow your stuff and get ready for lunch.

Carefully Planned Kitchen

The EarthCruiser FX showcases a fiberglass molded dinette bench area with leather cushions and under-seat storage. In addition, a swing-away dinette table can quickly stow to convert the eating area into a second bed.

The FX’s galley-style kitchen showcases an Isotherm 4.24 cu ft. 12 volt upright stainless steel refrigerator/freezer. It is surrounded by a one-piece countertop and paired with an induction cooktop and stainless steel sink. Three GFCI 110 outlets are strategically stashed. They give cooks power where they need it. Easy to clean fiberglass surfaces surround occupants, too.

EarthCruiser Command Center

Most importantly, the kitchen boasts critical systems to keep power, heat, and water flowing to it. A centrally located command panel controls everything: heat, freshwater monitoring, other onboard interior systems, and even LED lights. Onboard freshwater and grey water tanks take care of water woes. A gas-powered Webasto Air Top Evo 40, along with an Isotherm hot water heater helps keep things running as well. In addition, an interior-mounted Shurflo fresh water pump and purified water drinking system is also on board. It ensures occupants have consistently clear and safe water to drink.

Storage, We Got Storage!

From cooktop and under-sink storage drawers to gobs of under-bed, kitchen pantry, and pass-through storage, EarthCruiser meticulously placed oodles of compartments. Flush-mounted and lockable storage cubbies help you stash your belongings. Thoughtful design and smart storage, that’s part of the EarthCruiser way.

Excellent Electricity

A vehicle like this has plenty going on with regards to electrical systems. Lithium house batteries work with the truck’s factory starting batteries.  Mastervolt DC/DC 50A charger (alternator charger) and a 3000W Mastervolt combo inverter/charger to keep power running. Three 108 watt SUNFLARE solar panels pair up with the system for energy assistance. A BEP Marine command panel controls the electrical, battery, and solar charging systems. In addition, AC outlets, 12-volt, and USB accessory outlets offer multiple charging opportunities. EarthCruiser gives you plenty of juice for overlanding self-sufficiency.

Light Up My World

A variety of LED lights illuminate both the FX’s interior and exterior. From interior galley and ceiling fixtures to locker areas and reading lights, EarthCruiser thought of everything. Adjustable and easily controllable, LED lights are extremely energy efficient and are long-lasting.

Exterior lights vary from sealed side-mounted floodlights, motion-sensor entrance lights, to even high-intensity Vision X 20 driving lights. One thing EarthCruiser owners won’t be without is illumination.

The Fuso FE 160 Chassis

EarthCruiser currently produces the only commercially available cab-over 4×4 in North America. “We have a trusted partnership with Mitsubishi Fuso,” Balk says.

The FX Dual Cab Fuso FE 160 chassis is an excellent base for a long-distance overland vehicle. Its gasoline-powered V8 offers up 297 HP and 361 lb-ft of torque. It’ll get you to your next destination in a jiffy. The automatic 6-speed Allison transmission shifts exactly where you want it to. It optimizes power and fuel economy in a smooth fashion.

Diesel to Gas Powered Fuso

Why the switch from diesel to gas-powered Fusos? Apart from the decreased torque and not having to deal with DEF fluid, the V8 gas-powered Fuso is better in all regards. Like many car manufacturers Fuso is also moving away from diesel. Daimler, Fuso’s parent company, actually discontinued all commercial truck diesel engine manufacturing due to ever-increasing emission standards and the reduction in performance and reliability that would be caused by attempting to meet these restrictions.

The gasoline-powered Fuso FE 160 chassis is built to EarthCruiser’s spec. Installing EarthCruisers’s proprietary drive train does not void the warranty. “In fact, there has been a demand for EC to work directly with Fuso dealerships to provide the 4×4 capabilities,” Balk states. The Fuso FE 160 is specially programmed to optimize power and fuel economy. Boasting a 60-gallon gas tank, the Fuso V8 offers great mpg and range—helping adventurers to stay out there longer.

EarthCruiser FX Dual Cab Exterior Specifications

The FX Dual Cab has a wheelbase of 168.5-inches with an overall bumper-to-bumper length of 289-inches. This four-door full-featured overland adventure truck is surprisingly maneuverable. EarthCruiser prides itself on offering customers a great ride. This includes Scheel-Mann orthopedic seats, 2.5-inch gas bypass shocks, Toyo Open Country 37-inch M/T tires wrapped on Method 305 NV HD wheels, the smooth-shifting Allison trans, and quite gas V8.

In addition, EarthCruiser FX Dual Cabs boast amenities like an exterior hot and cold water shower, water faucet, and purified drinking water faucet. It also has an electrically operated recessed awning. This company has thought about every inch of the exterior, to match their interior attention. From size, weight, components, and fixtures—every detail is carefully thought out.

Off-Road Amenities

A Hero 2-speed transfer case turns Dynatrac Pro Series 80 axles with ARB air lockers. This pairing can withstand tough trail days and sudden terrain changes. Two onboard air compressors actuate the ARB differential lockers for maximum off-road traction. The compressors are also great when airing up tires after time spent off-road. Add to that locking, WARN hubs, an alloy bullbar, brush guard, WARN front-mounted winch, and radiator skid plat this adventuremobile will tackle loads of tricky off-road terrain.

The FX Dual Cab is designed as a lean, mean, adventure machine. EarthCruiser’s specially selected low-range gear ratio and multiple drive options make it extremely capable.

Extra Options

Out-of-the-box FX Dual Cabs are extremely capable, but EarthCruiser buyers can customize their 4x4s for added comfort and capability. Similarly, they can up the cool factor, too. Owners can have offroading peace of mind when choosing options like a rear-mounted WARN winch, locking/tilting spare tire carrier, or even ditch lights. Subsequently, these choices assist in solo off-roading efforts and recovery opportunities when the going gets tough. Enhanced sound-deadening materials, a safe, rear storage boxes, or even a forward-facing camera could be ordered to customize their ride.

Final EarthCruiser Dual Cab Thoughts

EarthCruiser has a great thing going. Their pop-top, fixed roof, and truck bed campers are carefully designed and meticulously made. Refinement meets rugged off-road capability with premium materials construction. In addition, they’ve partnered with like-minded companies to create the ultimate adventure-ready home on wheels. The EarthCruiser FX Dual Cab, their latest offering, is all that—plus more.

The Bend, Oregon-based crew thought of everything, from the inside out and roof side down.  It’s evident they’re constantly honing and improving their craft. They want owners to have years of safe and rewarding travels. EarthCruisers are tested worldwide and smartly made. They’ve got our vote for an awesome overlanding 4×4 camper.

The base price for a 2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab is $420,000 (with special incentive pricing of $380,000 through May 31, 2020). EarthCruiser is close to finishing its first Dual Cab production unit, and have two more in the production pipeline. Production time is approximately four months if you get your order in soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EarthCruiser dual cab base chassis?

The base chassis for an EarthCruiser FX and EXP overland vehicles is a Fuso FE 160.

How much horsepower does the EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab offer?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has 297 HP.

How much torque does the EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab have?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has 361 lb-ft of torque.

What type of transmission does the EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab have?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has an Allison 1,000 6-speed automatic transmission.

What type of transfer case does the EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab have?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has a Hero 2-speed, with 1-1 high and EarthCruiser proprietary low-range, transfer case.

What type of axles does the EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab have?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has Dynatrac ProSeries 80 axels, with ARB Air Lockers, front and rear.

What is the EarthCruiser dual cab's wheelbase?

The EarthCruiser Fuso dual cab has a 168.5″ (4279.9 mm) wheelbase.

What is the length of the camper box on the EarthCruiser FX and EXP?

The FX and EXP EarthCruiser camper box is 166.5″ (4229 mm).

What is the EarthCruiser dual cab's overall length (bumper to bumper)?

Bumper to bumper length on the EarthCruiser Dual Cab is 289 ” (7340.6 mm).

What is the overall width of the EarthCruiser Dual Cab with mirrors in (and out)?

With the mirrors in it is 81″ (2057 mm) wide. With the mirrors folded out it is 99″ (2515 mm) wide.

What size gas tank does the EarthCruiser Dual Cab have?

The EarthCruiser DualCab has a 60-gallon (227-liter) gas tank.

What type of engine will the EarthCruiser dual cab have?

The EarthCruiser Fuso based overland vehicles will all have gasoline V8 engines from 2020 onward.

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