2020 Ford Bronco Imagined

Updated February 26, 2016

For thirty years, from 1966 to 1996, Ford produced five generations of the Ford Bronco that were very much loved by many.  Loyal fans were caught off guard when Ford stopped producing the legendary SUV and replaced it with the Ford Expedition.

Ford Bronco reimagined 4

We have confirmation that management at the Blue Oval has finally heard us.  Ford is investing $700 million in preparation for a new model set to start production in 2018.  That vehicle is the mid-size Ford Ranger many have been waiting for.  Right after the Ranger, the all-new Ford Bronco is slated to start production.

Confirmed in a recent Ford-UAW contract, the document does disclose what the 6th generation Ford Bronco will look like.  Fortunately, some very talented fans over at Bronco6G could look like.

Taking the best design elements from the current line-up of trucks and SUVs such as the Ford F-150, Edge and Flex, combine them with the design cues from the 2004 Ford Bronco Concept and the First Generation Bronco, you end with the rendering included here.

This is rendering provided by a very talented fan.  Don’t expect the actual sixth generation Bronco to look anything like this.  However, it does serve as an interesting design exercise incorporating the best of what is already out there.

Let us just hope that management at the Blue Oval are listening to us.  Just in case they are, we would also very much love to see a high-performance Raptor-based Bronco.

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