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2020 Ford Bronco Is Confirmed (And USA Ranger)

The new Ford Bronco and Ranger are on their way

Fellow Gearheads, it is a proud day for all of us at as we get to announce to you our readers that Ford will be making a $700 million investment to re-tool their Michigan assembly plant to produce a US spec Ford Ranger by 2018 and Ford Bronco by 2020. This is a provisional plan as Ford and the UAW have to come to terms on the whole deal. The total $9 billion investment on the table will in part help maintain employment of 8500 workers at the Michigan Assembly Plant alone as well as invest in 21 other facilities around the country saving and expanding thousands of jobs.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Though the Bronco will almost certainly share the chassis of the Ranger, we are fine with this as the Ranger (currently sold nearly everywhere else) is an adequate off-road vehicle. With Ford producing powerful engines like they are leaves us feeling confident that new 2020 Ford Bronco will able to deliver on capabilities and performance (and hopefully a removable roof).

2016-Ford-SVT Bronco-Raptor Concept

Old Rendering of Ford Bronco Concept – Production Vehicle Will Likely Be Based On Ford Ranger Chassis.

Here at Gearheads we have pretty much lead the charge to get the general public aware of the rumors about the Ford Bronco as we continued to publish updated articles about the new Ford Bronco SUV.

1st – New Ford Bronco Article (created in 2012)

2nd – New Ford Bronco Article (a followup in 2014)

And although there were plenty of automotive tabloids denying the future of the Bronco such as Jalopnik(they  have since confirmed the Bronco will happen), we are glad to announce that the people have spoken. Enough so that Ford has listened to you all when it came time to discuss the future of this vehicle. So thanks to every Gearhead reader and commenter of ours for making your voice heard and sharing  your interest (or disinterest) in the possibility of a new USA Ranger and Bronco.


We love our capable 4×4’s here at Gearheads, so the more available to the market the better. Instead of companies sissifying or halting production of 4×4’s like Nissan did with the Pathfinder and Xterra, we see that a company like Ford is still willing to produce an off road rig. We hope that Ford and Jeep get into a Bronco/Wrangler p!ssing match! 🙂


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