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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: Ford’s Electric Pickup Revealed

The Best Selling Truck Gets Electrified, Gets More Power In All Ways, But Otherwise Remains Much The Same

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford might not make it to market first with an American electric pickup (that will probably be GMC with the Hummer H1T), but it will no doubt be the first to sell big volumes of electric pickups on US shores. Ford has revived the legendary “Lightning” name for its first electric pickup, with even more impressive performance numbers than the original. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning looks like all substance and little hype, the opposite of much of the competition.

Very competitive pricing starts at about $40,000 (before tax credits). The F-150 Lightning will be available in spring 2022.

“We’re not here to make an electric truck for the few – Ford is committed to building one that solves real problems for real people,” said Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, Americas and International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company. “F-150 Lightning delivers everything we’ve said electric vehicles can offer, plus the capability expected from a Built Ford Tough truck – not just near instant torque but powerful towing and hauling customers can depend on.”

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Basics

Let’s start with the basics. The F-150 Lightning comes in one configuration, Supercrew with 5.5-foot bed. All will come standard with 4-wheel-drive. The Lightning will initially come in three trim packages, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum.

The electric truck will come in two battery pack versions. A standard 230-mile range pack and an extended range 300-mile range pack.

Charging at home will add an average of 30 miles of range per charging hour, with a dual onboard charging system and included 80-amp charge station. This equates to charging an extended range truck from 15% to 100% in about 8-hours. When you need to extend your range when on the go the Ford Lighting will get about 54-miles of range for every 10-minutes on a 150-kw DC fast charger.

Powering the wheels are dual in-board electric motors. A big change from the dino-juice powered F-150 is independent rear suspension, versus a solid axel. This will offer a smoother ride on and off-road and better articulation to tackle off-road obstacles. To hold the batteries and handle to different suspension setup the high-strength steel frame is all new and highly reinforced.

You’ll instantly be able to recognize the electric Lighting from a standard F-150 by the big LED lighting that spans across the entire front of the truck. Three new grille designs will also help the truck stand out, along with some unique wheels that look like they belong on an electric vehicle. Out back you get distinctive LED lighting as well.

The 2022 F-150 Lighting is expected to do a mid-4-second 0-60 mph. That is faster than an F-150 Raptor and the original SVT Lighting. Current power targets are 563 hp and 775 lb.-ft. of torque. That is quick for a big heavy pickup!

Optional 15.5-inch infotainment screen with OnBoard Scales technology.

On top of more power, the Lighting also gets up to a 2,000-pound payload capacity and up to 10,000-pound towing capacity. On-Board Scales and an Intelligent Range system ensure that range anxiety isn’t an issue, even when hauling and towing.

Ford Mega Power Frunk

There is no gas-guzzling internal combustion engine under the hood, and most of the batteries, motors, and electronics are down low between the frame rails. This means there is a ton of room up front to carry more stuff. Ford is calling this new area the “Mega Power Frunk.” It is a 400L cargo space that can carry up to 400-pounds of payload. It is loaded with 4 electrical outlets and 2 USB ports to power and charge all your work and play gear.

There is even a drain in the floor of the Mega Power Frunk. This means it can be used as a cooler and hosed out when needed. Is “frunkgating” going to be the next big thing?

Power Everything

Besides using electricity to power the truck, the F-150 Lighting also offers ways to power your electronics, tools, and even your house.

Pro Power Onboard is a system already available on the Ford F-150, and allows you to power tools, electronics, and appliances at the job site, around camp, or anytime you’re away from a power outlet. The Lighting comes standard with 2.4 kilowatts of power, with a 9.6 kilowatts of power system optional (standard on Lariat and Platinum).

Ford Intelligent Backup Power is a system that turns your electric truck into a backup generator for your home. The extended range F-150 Lighting can power a home for up to 3-days, or as long as 10-days if power is only used for essentials.

Eventually, this system will even automatically switch from powering your home during off-peak hours and then charging the truck batteries when the power from the utility company is cheaper. This not-so-distant tech can also help you get your home off the grid completely, by using the Truck as a battery storage system for home solar systems.

“Whether sheltering during a storm or trying to stay safe in a heat wave, customers can now use their truck to give themselves power when they need it most,” said Ryan O’Gorman, electric vehicle manager, Strategic Partnerships. “F-150 Lightning is built for seamless transitions between charging your vehicle and powering your house when needed – and Ford is the first in the U.S. to offer this capability on an electric truck.”

F-150 Lighting: Ford’s First Electric Pickup

It looks like a truck and it works like a truck. It’s an electrified version of the best-selling truck of all time and shows us what an evolutionary step in electrification from ICE powertrains can look like. This isn’t going to be a small production number super expensive and revolutionary vehicle, but instead a high volume extremely useful electric version of a vehicle we know and love. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting will no doubt make the electric pickup a staple on American roads.

With over-the-air updates, the Lighting will continually improve. Things like Ford’s Blue Cruise, a “true handsfree driving experience,” will soon become as ubiquitous and commonplace as cruise control. Once volume is increased and fleet and commercial customers get their hands on the Lighting we’ll truly see if an electric truck can handle the rigors expected of a “Built Ford Tough” vehicle.

If you want a 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting electric truck for yourself, you’ll need to sign up over at Ford.com and put down a $100 deposit to get in line. We have no doubt Ford will sell a LOT of these trucks, as they do with all F-150 models.

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