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213.3 MPH Record Breaking Wheelie! We Have The Video!

Watch the world’s fastest wheelie – 213.3 mph on one wheel!

Earlier on this year, we mentioned that the world’s fastest wheelie had just been clocked at 213.309 mph. And now we have the video to prove it! The amazing feat took place at the Straightliners Wheelie World Championships at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, England. We promised you the footage as soon as we got it, well here it is!

Egbert van Popta Claims The “World’s Fastest Wheelie!”

The record was claimed by Dutch rider Egbert van Popta, who smashed the previous record of 209.8 mph. Van Popta managed to ride his turbocharged Hayabusa to an incredible speed of 213.309 mph to claim the top honor. However, he actually managed to achieve a speed of 214.669 mph in a previous run, but it was disqualified because he put the front wheel down a tad too early. Even so, his next run was more than enough to break the previous record, once held by British rider Gary Rothwell. Rothwell managed to finish in a respectable second place with a sensational speed of 206.049 mph.


With balls that big, it’s a miracle that any of these riders managed to lift the front wheel in the first place… It’s pretty damn impressive stuff. 213.3 mph on one wheel. We tip our hats…


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