2,348 RWHP Nissan GT-R in Texas Does a 7.3 Second Quarter Mile (Video)

Published April 11, 2016

Texans and the Japanese do things pretty differently from each other it has to be said, especially when it comes to cars and trucks. We know that everything’s supposed to be bigger in Texas, so what on earth would the locals do if they got their hands on something as decidedly un-Texan as a Nissan GT-R? After all, Japanese performance is all about wringing as much power as possible out of relatively small displacement engines using all kinds of technical wizardry. You’d imagine then, that if it doesn’t have a V-8 in it Texas won’t be too interested in it, but you couldn’t be more wrong.


Step forward, the team of cowboys from down at T1 Race Development in Rockwall, who’ve only gone and Texified a GT-R by getting it to produce an astonishing 2,348 horsepower at the rear wheels!

T1 Race Development’s Tony Palo reckons this R35 GT-R can now manage the quarter mile in just 7.3 seconds at a mind-blowing 195 mph. And yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. They haven’t gone and replaced the Nissan’s puny 3.8-liter V-6 with something more manly, the same engine actually remains in place to produce all that power. Ok, it’s now a long way from being anything resembling stock, but you’ve got to admire the ingenuity to get some much out of so relatively little.


The V-6 now benefits from a dry-sump conversion, new turbos, intercooler, injectors, heads and rods, a custom crankshaft, fresh cams, along with an extensive list of other performance-enhancing goodies for good measure.


Perhaps the coolest thing about this totally mental GT-R is that from just looking at it, you probably wouldn’t guess that it has more than four times as much power as a regular model. That’s Texas for you.

T1 R35 235 mph


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