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new Tesla Roadster

250+mph New Tesla Roadster Revealed As The Fastest Production Vehicle Ever Made

New Tesla Roadster will cover 620 miles and run ¼ of a mile in less than 9 seconds

Published November 17, 2017

Safet Satara Safet Satara

“The point of doing this is to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars,” Musk said.

new Tesla Roadster

Oh boy, this is the new Tesla Roadster. It stormed the stage at the Tesla’s Hawthorne, California facility and came to an abrupt stop leaving crowds in awe. Elon Musk announced the car as “the fastest production car ever made.”

A Bold statement.

new Tesla Roadster

If we talk numbers, it goes down like this:
– 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
– 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
– ¼ of a mile pass in 8.8 seconds
– Top speed of 250+mph

Ladies and gentlemen, Elon Musk revealed a faster accelerating car than the Chiron or the Agera RS. Probably faster in terms of top speed as well, as Musk noted this is just a prototype and the car could exceed these values.

new Tesla Roadster

The car rolled out of the new Tesla Semi Truck trailer and wowed the crowds. No one expected it as the company is struggling with the production of their entry-level Model 3 car as we speak. Nevertheless, Musk did provide us with more details anyone expected to get.

New Tesla Roadster Is A Supercar

New Tesla Roadster follows the ethos of the roofless car from before. However, while some of the old car design resonates with the new Roadster, this is a completely new machine. Its design reminds of most advanced cars of today. One may see a bit of Acura NSX, a bit of McLaren and some Aston Martin in its design. More important, however, is the drivetrain setup which could rewrite all the rules on electric cars. With three electric motors (one at the front and two at the back), thousands of torques (Elon noted 10,000 lb-ft during the reveal – I am not joking) and 200 kWh batteries, the 2020 Tesla Roadster can achieve some astounding numbers in terms of range. You are looking here at a sports car (supercar actually) that can cover 620 miles on one charge. Let that sink in.

new Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk said that this made it possible for the new Tesla Roadster to go from LA to San Francisco and back without recharging.

Should The Heavyweights Be Concerned? Yes, they should

I am sure that Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and others will bring up this car in one of their board meetings, but considering that Tesla did not really deliver on their “production promises” till this point, I am not sure they will be concerned.

new Tesla Roadster

What they should be concerned about is the price of the entry-level new Tesla Roadster. It will cost $200,000. Seriously cheap considering it will match the performance of cars such as the Agera RS, some hypercars, and even the Bugatti Chiron. Elon Musk is so confident about the car that he already offered the Founders Series on sale. Limited to 1,000 units, the buyers will have to pay $250,000 for the car. I am quite sure many of them have already been spoken for.

new Tesla Roadster

Now, the name Roadster does compute the lack of the roof. Tesla resorted to a rather interesting solution for manually removing the roof and fitting it in the back. This is a definite throwback to all the advanced high-end roadster supercars and Koenigseggs. Of course, they are looking to save weight with it as well.

new Tesla Roadster

Interestingly enough, any buyer who wanted the Tesla Roadster and who deposited $50,000 at the reveal event actually got a short drive in the car. So, it works. And it is fast.

new Tesla Roadster

Now, I am not exactly sure how the hell will the electric car reach the speeds of 250+mph. It must be that Tesla figured out some kind of gearbox (like on Formula E cars, only more insane), or one of three engines is set up to work only at high speeds.

new Tesla Roadster

Nevertheless, 200 kWh battery should provide plenty of juice for the AWD car with torque vectoring and all sorts of amazing launch control technologies.

new Tesla Roadster new Tesla Roadster

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