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New Roadster at Auto Show

The 2nd-Generation Roadster’s Shocking Performance is an Absolute Win for Tesla

Tesla’s Success is Guaranteed as Long as they keep producing extraordinary stats like their new Roadster Has

New Tesla Roadster Front 3/4

If you’re a fellow Gearhead and auto enthusiast, you have most likely read a lot of the headlines swarming the internet about Tesla’s financial problems, poor leadership, production opportunities, and similar negative content/criticisms. These posts and headlines aren’t exactly late-breaking news, though. Tesla Motors, Inc has been an incredible success since it’s inception and has catapulted upward with tons of momentum. However, over the last month or two, there has been quite the flood of bad news criticizing most aspects of Telsa and it’s CEO, Elon Musk. These criticisms persist, despite Tesla’s unexpected preview at the Dubai Auto Show where they let consumers see a working model of the new-generation Roadster. The incredible 2+2 Roadster can convince anybody that electric-powered cars are capable of being just as powerful as any traditional vehicle.

Tesla Surprise at the Dubai Auto Show 2nd-Generation Roadster by Tesla

The Tesla Roadster II Surpasses All Expectations

We knew that Telsa was working on their new Roadster II and that it would be impressive if/when it’s released, but I don’t think many of us were expecting what was delivered earlier in November at the Dubai Auto Show. While Tesla was debuting their new Electric Semi-Truck, the company surprised spectators with the new Roadster. Tesla didn’t just bring a rinky-dink prototype like many companies have done in a rush to get investors so that they can develop these revolutionary vehicles. Instead, they possessed a fully-functioning model that pimp-slapped all of Tesla’s critics right across the face.

New Tesla Roadster II Far Shot

Drastically increasing the car’s driving range, the new-generation Roadster’s battery system will allow up to 600 miles of travel on a single charge. Not only is it efficient, but it’s faster than a one-pump virgin chump, capable of reaching speeds over 250 mph. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the new Roadster is it’s acceleration that reaches 0 to 62 mph in 1.9 seconds, 0 to 100 mph in 4.4 seconds, and is said to hit a 1/4-mile in only 8.8 seconds. If that’s not enough to officially wow you, consider that this car can achieve these unbelievable speeds over and over without losing power or performance nearly throughout the entire charge of the battery pack.

New Tesla Roadster 2

This electric miracle has reached these great achievements thanks to three electric motors which are powered by a 200kWh battery pack; it all works in perfect harmony to punch out 7,375 lb-ft of instant electric torque. The vehicle not only comes with unprecedented performance for an EV, but also the usual bells & whistles that are standard only on Tesla vehicles, and technological advances/improvements that Tesla has a knack for creating on a very regular basis. Now, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering the ultimate question while reading the last couple of paragraphs: How much are they wanting for this tangible little lightning bolt? Well, they’re somewhat proud of it and have estimated that the final production model that they’re projecting to have produced as a 2020 model will most likely retail for approximately $200,000. However, when compared to vehicles that produce similar stats, that’s actually a pretty reasonable price. Definitely out of the reach of most, but really quite affordable, all things considered.

While the average car lover will probably not have the means to buy one of these gems at the time of release, we don’t think that Tesla will have issues moving these through inventory quickly. Hopefully, there aren’t any snags in the production so that they’re able to release it as soon as possible, but from the looks of it, Tesla is on-schedule (if not ahead of schedule) in delivering the new sports car. While many are speculating that companies like GM will tear Tesla a new one, we don’t see them as being a blip on the Tesla threat-radar at this point – regardless of all the doom and gloom GM’s former chairman has been spreading.

New Tesla Roadster II Rear 3/4

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