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$3 Million Car Collection Destroyed by Fire

A Warehouse Harboring over 40 Retro Vehicles has Burned to the Ground


Many of us know somebody that has lost nearly all of their belongings due to the destruction caused by fire. It’s amazing how something so necessary in our lives can quickly destroy everything in sight in only a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, a British Columbian couple had to experience a detrimental loss caused by a fire on Wednesday, October 25th, when a warehouse owned by the couple caught fire.

Wednesday morning, in Langley, British Columbia, fire crews were notified of and responded to reports of a large warehouse fire. A neighbor reported loud bangs/explosions and sirens at a distance and went outside to see the warehouse burning. That’s when they began to film the tragic disaster. The warehouse was owned by car enthusiasts, Garry and Darlene Cassidy, who were in Las Vegas, NV at the time of the fire.

Like all fire incidents, especially those that involve any kind of valuable belongings and owners that are not present at the time of the fire, the situation is currently being investigated to determine if any type of arson. Judging by the owner’s (and his wife’s) statements though, this is most likely a fire that was not intentional. Cassidy says that he purchased the warehouse to accommodate their vehicle collection and that the cars were like their children.

Garry Cassidy's Auto Collection Destroyed in Fire

According to Deputy Fire Chief Bruce Ferguson, the fire department was notified by a fire alarm system, but by the time responders arrived on site, the flames were shooting out of the roof and the building was already entirely engulfed in flames. Ferguson said that the fuel-filled vehicles likely contributed to the rapid destruction of the fire.

“There were several explosions during the fire, which could have been fuel tanks or vehicles tires”, said Ferguson. According to another source, the building was only built one year ago and contained many electronic signs and other things that are common causes of fires.

Valuable Car Destroyed in Langley Warehouse Fire

“I’ve always been a big car guy,” said Cassidy, “but I don’t think my wife and I could have been more upset if we had lost a child.

“Its not about the money; a couple of those cars cannot be replaced. Write me a check for whatever, you can’t replace the cars.”

Showcase of Cassidy Auto Collection

Inside the warehouse was a collection of 40 classic cars, most which were General Motors vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s. Among the collection were six Corvettes, a 1968 Camaro, 1961 Chevy Bel-Air (convertible top), two 1955 Pontiac Star Chiefs, and a rare Safari station wagon. Cassidy’s entire collection is estimated to be worth over $3 million.

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