3 Overrated Car Accessories that Make You Look Silly

Updated February 4, 2017

Overrated accessories for your car are sold as hip accoutrements, babe magnets and sophisticated must-haves. Unfortunately, there are at least three overrated car accessories that make you look silly, rob you of your cash and cause mirth and merriment in onlookers. Are they on your vehicle right now?

Big Spoilers on Small Passenger Cars

A small spoiler is usually added by the manufacturer to add some pizzazz to the lines of your vehicle. They make a Honda Accord look neat and attractive. In race cars, the rear spoilers make up for the missing vehicle weight and force the cars to hug the track simply by capitalizing on the physics of a downward force. In contrast, the huge spoiler you see so frequently on the back of an older Mitsubishi Lancer or Dodge Neon is not only expensive, but it looks silly. More clothing rack than racing spoiler, it mars the appearance of the vehicle.

Strobe Lights

Maybe it is a Santa Monica thing, but strobe lights in and underneath cars are getting out of control. Not only are they overrated car accessories, but having a sickly yellow glow underneath your vehicle while parked at a railroad crossing just is not cool. Making matters worse, there are some drivers who have not yet heard that music beat strobes went out of style with the 80s and techno punk. Thus, it is not uncommon to pull up next to a car with an overly loud bass beat – whatever happened to the treble? – and see the interior light up like a Griswold Christmas tree. These hyped vehicle frills are useless and borderline dangerous. (By the way, the yellow glow of the strobes does nothing for the look of your complexion.)

Bug Shields

In theory, these acrylic strips fit on the hood of the truck or van and prevent rocks from hitting the hood and pitting the windshield. In practice, these little devices are not worth the money or the time you spend installing them. First and foremost, unless you get exactly the right size, the entire contraption will not fit; secondly, even if it fits into place nice and snug, the bug shield has the tendency to come off if you are forced to travel ill-maintained highways. If you live in sunny Southern California’s L.A. area, factor in the numerous potholes. Adding insult to injury, some of these overrated accessories actually require you to drill holes for a tight fit. Add to this the un-cool factor – similar to the one you would suffer for adding a hood bra, mud flaps or DIY peel-off window tint – and it is a good idea to stay away from the bug shields.

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