3 Reasons Why Cars Are the Worst Technology We Have

Updated December 5, 2014

Have you ever been inside an automobile? This question would be an obvious “yes” for anyone living in the United States or other industrialized countries. Cars are as much a part of our day as shaving, showering, and uh…sitting on the john. Whether you are a car enthusiast who talks to his friends all the time about engines and classic cars and horsepower, or just someone that wants to get from point A to point B, cars are something you see everyday.

So here are 3 reasons why cars are the worst technology we have:

1. We are using pretty much the same technology we have used for a century. With this technology that we are so used to, does it ever cross our minds why we are still using this ancient, inefficient form of technology? We are living in a time when cell phones evolve faster than fetuses. Watch an “old” movie from 10 years ago and look at a cell phone or a computer in it, and compare it to today- it is completely different and looks ancient! However, look at the cars in that movie and they look almost the same. In fact, since we’re busy watching movies, why don’t we watch one from the 50’s? Yes, the cars looked a little different back then, but not much. It was still the same principle- an internal combustion engine driving on roads. It is true that companies are finally (after 100 years) coming out with new types of engines such as electric, solar, etc. I hope the best for this technology, but to be effective, it needs to go mainstream. The main cars today are still the same as 100 years ago.

2. We need to find a cure for cancer….or uhhh…car accidents! Cars are the most dangerous thing I have ever seen. Any other man-made activity that kills over 40 thousand people in the United States every year (115 every day!) would be outlawed! Baby cribs are recalled because of one death. Playgrounds have turned from wood to plastic in my life time to keep kids safe. Yet we drive around like maniacs in the box of metal at high speeds, where one wrong move will KILL us!!! Compare car accidents to breast cancer. Breast Cancer is a terrible thing, and I am not trying to downplay the significance, as I hope we have a cure in my lifetime. However, there is this big deal in our country to raise money to “fight breast cancer” because it kills roughly 40 thousand Americans every year. So why is there not a fight to end car accidents? We have a technology the leaves kids without parents, and tears families apart every day. So why do we just accept these deaths? If 115 people died per day on commercial jets, people would be scared to fly and there would be investigations!

3. Traffic congestion is terrible! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Unless you’ve lived on a farm your whole life, you know how terrible traffic is in the city, especially during rush hour. We sit for literally hours in our car not moving or creeping along at speeds that we might as well be walking. Roads have been around for a while now, but they seem to just be getting more and more congested. Even if we had all electric efficient cars, it would still not stop the problem of traffic.

So now you’re probably asking, “If you have a problem with this technology, what do you think we should do about it?” Well to be honest I don’t know. Maybe I or someone else will invent a solution to this. Maybe someday we will have an alternative to roads that will eliminate traffic deaths. That would be great for all of us. But until then, we’re stuck with our cars. Maybe tomorrow, as you’re sitting in rush hour traffic driving to work in your ancient death-mobile, think about ways to fix this flawed technology. End the long hours wasted in traffic, end the deaths, and find something better to take us into the future. Someday in the future they will probably have a museum with cars and traffic lights in it and people will wonder, “What the hell were they thinking back then?”



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