Benefits to Changing your Air Filter

5 Benefits to Changing Your Car’s Air Filter

Updated November 22, 2013

Owning a car and keeping it running well can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. While a lot of people generally put off taking care of their cars until something is seriously wrong, you can avoid having problems by just keeping track of regular maintenance. Changing your air filter regularly is one of many ways to keep your car running smoothly for a long time. Here are five ways that it can greatly benefit your car and save you money.

Increased fuel efficiency

That’s right, who would turn down better gas mileage? This has to be the biggest immediate money saver out of all of the benefits to changing your car’s air filter regularly. For older cars, studies have indicated that by replacing your dirty air filter, you can increase your fuel mileage by as much as 14 percent. Also, by changing an old clogged air filter, you allow your car the opportunity for an increase in acceleration by six to 11 percent. What’s better than increased gas mileage and improved acceleration?

Reduced emissions

Emissions have greatly impacted the environment for decades now and it’s only getting worse. The good news is, you can help do your part to reduce emissions by changing your air filter regularly! When your air filter is clogged, the air flow to the engine is reduced which can lead to a slew of drive-ability issues. The worst issue that comes from a clogged air filter is the increase in engine deposits which is caused by having too rich of a fuel mixture. By allowing an increase of air flow to the engine, you’ll see a reduction in fuel consumption and reduction in emissions.

Prolongs engine life

Everyone wants their car to last forever, but it’s never going to happen. It is true that some cars last longer than others though, and if you take the right steps to keeping your car in good condition, you could be one of those people. The air filter is designed to trap in dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts. Don’t be fooled by the size of debris either, even something as small as a grain of salt can result in an expensive trip to the mechanic.

Inexpensive and quick fix

Having to get your air filter changed is one of the least expensive things you can have done to your car. The part itself costs next to nothing in comparison to other car parts and you can replace it by yourself. Keep in mind that because there are so many varieties of air filters out there, you should purchase the one that was designed specifically for your car make and model.

Easy to track

Once you get a new air filter in, it’s as easy to track as getting your oil changed. Air filters are meant to be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, but if you drive in dustier areas, you should consider changing it sooner. Check the owners manual in your car to find out what the maintenance schedule should look like and when the air filter should be replaced. Don’t gauge it based on the way the air filter looks on the outside either. It’s common that dirty air filters may appear clean but should still be replaced at the appropriate time.

When you have the ability to keep your car running longer, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Be aware of what your car needs and pay attention to regular maintenance. By understanding the importance of changing your air filter, you’ll be better off in the long run, literally!

Mary Richardson is a freelance writer who’s guilty hobby is taking serious care of her car. She’s found that changing her pall filters regularly has helped improve the way her car runs and lessens the amount of emissions that are released into the air by her car.



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The Car scene is so diverse Where I come from, most enthusiasts recognize the amazing engineering (particularly the engines). The bulk of the ridicule originates from the manner in which many of the vehicles are modded/maintained. Thus, the jokes and or hate tends to be aimed more at the owner rather than the machine. All of which makes seeing properly sorted old Toyota's and Hondas at car meets, auto shows, and track days all the more refreshing.

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