5 Car Models You Wouldn’t Believe Had Manual Transmission

Published July 19, 2016

Consulting company, IHS Automotive, came out with the data about the usage of cars with manual transmission in the United States. It might be surprising, but the fact is that only 10 percent of all cars in the USA have manual transmission. Just 30 years ago, it was a whole different situation, when one in three cars came with a clutch installed.

It seems that manual transmission is becoming a thing of the past. Even Ferrari, whose cars were known for the alloy gated shifters, has decided to drop the manual transmission. Still, there are some car manufacturers that don’t want to give up on it. Here are 5 car models that still sport the old-fashioned clutch.

#1. R107 Mercedes SL

#1. R107 Mercedes SL
Also known as the 350/450/380/560SL in the USA, this car was sold around the world with manual transmission in the early 1980s. The truth is, the version of this model for the US market was an automatic, but the rest of the world had to change gears manually.

#2. Jaguar XJS

#2. Jaguar XJS

Jaguar released a manual transmission model in the early 1990s, which at the time seemed a bit strange. Jaguar XJS came with a 6-L six-cylinder XJS. Despite being very powerful and great on the road, the sports car wasn’t very popular in the USA, where only a few of them were sold.

#3. 1996 Land Rover Discovery

#3. 1996 Land Rover Discovery

The British car maker has been producing this model since 1989 and marketed it as a powerful off-road vehicle. In accordance with that, they decided to use manual transmission on the Discovery, only to find out that their main customers were from suburbia.  They didn’t care much about the off-road experience. That was probably the reason why Land Rover decided to drop it soon enough.

#4. Dodge Caravan Turbo Minivan

#4. Dodge Caravan Turbo Minivan Featured

In 1989, Mopar started the production of Dodge Caravan Turbo Minivan with a manual transmission. Of course, a turbocharged minivan was a bad idea, so they stopped producing it after only one year. The same company used to offer 5-speed Plymouth Voyagers, as well.

#5. Cadillac Cimarron

#5. Cadillac Cimarron Featured

When it came from the assembly line for the first time in 1982, Cadillac Cimarron sparked a sort of revolution in car production. It was the first manual transmission model made by Cadillac in a while. The 4-door luxury sedan did have an automatic version, which is probably the reason why this model wasn’t a total failure. In fact, its production lasted for a couple of more years, until 1988, when Cadillac finally decided to give up on this concept.



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