5 Cars That’ll Really Deliver Your Money’s Worth, says Consumer Reports

Updated November 16, 2017

In high school Gear Heads skipped class and burned rubber in the parking lot. Consumer Reports got straights A’s. That’s why we listen to them about new cars.

Not to bury the lead, but Consumer Reports Deputy Editor Jeff Bartlett picked the five cars his team believed provided consumers the best value for their purchase dollar. So why’s that important?

Recent sales data from the automakers indicate that the sales slump that the industry has been trying to recover from since 2008 might finally be over. In addition, there’s increased model proliferation, within brands.


For example, Chevrolet has added the Camaro, Spark, Traverse, Sonic, Cruze, Volt, and the SS, with fewer models dropped in the same period. So there’s quite a bit more going on inside new car dealerships these days.

Barlett of Consumer Reports shared with CNBC which of the cars and trucks available in the current model year have the best combination of affordability, as well as predicted reliability and durability. The team at Consumer Reports reviewed over 200 vehicles, ranking them according to the criteria which they established. And trust me, I’ve been there, they have their own race track and test facilities to run cars through their paces.

The following five cars are what Bartlett reported as the stand outs of the class of 2015.

Toyota Prius


Toyota’s class-leading hybrid “has proven to be stellar for reliability and gets outstanding fuel economy, helping people really save money in the long run,” according to Consumer Reports.

Chevrolet Impala


Chevy’s big sedan “was an absolute home run for Chevrolet. It’s a fantastic car, one of the highest scoring cars in our tests overall and it pays off in the long run,” Bartlett said.

Subaru Forester


Subaru’s compact crossover “not only has terrific fuel economy at 26 mpg overall, but its safety scores are stellar and the packaging is really nice, great visibility out and a lot of space in,” Barlett said.

Nissan Frontier


About the Nissan Frontier “This is the only small truck that Consumer Reports recommends, and it’s an attractive alternative to full size trucks if you don’t need all of those abilities,” Barlett told CNBC. “The key here is to make sure you understand what you really need because those big trucks have big incentives but they still cost more to own in the long run.”

Lexus ES 300H


Lexus’s luxury midsize hybrid “may not quite match its Audi and Mercedes rivals in our tests, but the overall picture looking at the cost make this one a real standout,” according to Barlett



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