Car Problems

5 Common Car Problems That You Can Fix Yourself

Updated August 12, 2014

Purchasing a car is one time task but driving a car is so expensive these days with all time high fuel prices. All the time running to professional car mechanic by taking small-small car problems may increase your overall cost. Though there are lots of easy tasks that most of the people can easily fix by themselves.

Below are five such problems that can be easily fix by anyone having little knowledge of car or is able to drive a car and this don’t need any professional mechanic experience. These problems are commonly encountered to any car.

Car Problems


1.) Flat Tire

Flat tire is the first thing that one can easily do by himself. This may caused by many ways like driving over sharp object or rough roads. Most of the car tires lose air pressure in the day time. Temperature fluctuation can also drop the air pressure inside the tires. Decreased tire pressure affects the fuel efficiency and also makes the car more likely to flat tires.

Solution for this problem is quite easy; make sure that your car tires should have ample pressure. Almost at every gas station there is a free service to check tires pressure using tire gauges. Checking tire pressure on weekly basis is great but if it’s not possible then it’s also good to check after 15 days, avoid delaying more than that. This way one can sort out the small problems before getting out of hand. There is some recommended tire pressure for every side tires: front left & right sided and back left & right sided tires.



2.) Changing of Oil

Oil changing is the most essential work of car maintenance. Most of the people take this service from their mechanics, but it’s so simple and easy task that the drivers themselves are also able to perform this very easily. One bolt need to open from drain pan and an old oil filter should also be removed. Car service centers normally have a big stock of oil filters and also customer service can provide the customer a help of finding the right car model. According to the size and model of the cars, the amount of oil filters also varies.

Always remember that read the car manufacturer’s recommendations to perform the job of changing oil by your own. This way one can save a lot of money by completing this job at home.

3.) Dead Battery

There is always a life span decided for everything. A normal car battery can survive at least for five years but there are lots of cases when the car battery dies before time. One of the reasons is winters. Cold climates are very hard on batteries. Also keeping car lights, windows, and radios on without engine can also put the bad impression on batteries.

Moreover, the battery acid gathers in all the terminals. This can be easily removed by using soda. This reaction of acid and soda neutralizes the effect of corrosion and hence rejuvenate all the terminals. Terminals should be properly tightened as the loose terminals are also contributed to die the car battery.

4.) Changing Car Bulbs

Taking your car to mechanic just to replace the burnt light bulb is no-doubt an expensive job. Mechanic will charge you for their time but many car drivers can easily do this job. Changing light bulb needs to open some screws out of the lens and simply replace the bulb by removing the old burnt bulb.

Different bulb sizes are available for different cars, so keep this thing into your mind. Thus, one can easily replace the headlights, taillights and running lights of car at home.

5.) Clogged air filter

Driving car in sandy and dusty condition will definitely end up the life of your air filter. This creates trouble for the engine for getting fresh air. This will also decrease the fuel efficiency of car. Air filter is normally found in the engine compartment and this will easily see at the top of the engine block.

Air filter is easily protected by a small plastic cover from outside and a pin keeps the whole assembly in place. By removing that pin, anyone can easily access the air filter and enable themselves to check and replace if required.


About The Guest Author: Robert Smith writes for Mark Kia. She is a freelance content contributor and likes to write about various spheres like Social Media, technology trends and her secret favorite – cars and automobiles. She is a keen observer and contributor for various auto forums and the online auto space.



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