Aluminum Truck Bed

5 Common Things You Should Know Aluminum Truck Beds

Updated November 16, 2014

When it comes to a spacious back bed on your pickup, aluminum truck beds would unquestionably be your utmost choice. They are trendy, spacious, and easy to handle when it comes to extra luggage or heavy belongings. They represent a perfect amalgamation of frivolous adaptability, heavy-duty structure, and flexible fixing; they’re definitely people’s go-to accessory for their pickup or heavy duty truck models. For these reasons manufacturers that have traditionally shunned this material have now started to see the light and incorporate it into their models. Durability is the primary justification for this shift, increasing the lifespan of their product. However, if you are planning to purchase a solid truck bed, below are 5 top reasons why you should choose this new versatile material:

Aluminum Truck Beds


  1. Corrosion Resistant Bed—what else do you want!

Aluminum truck beds are corrosion resistant and provide you long durability. This is a very stable, non-reactive metal, meaning that it does not fracture, break or deteriorate when faced with constant exposure to the elements. Oxidation may be an issue for others, but smart drivers will always pick aluminum. If it’s good enough for aircraft and spacecraft, it’s good enough for you!

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Vs. Heavyweight Steel—Choice is Yours:

Given the large amount of heavy equipment, luggage, personal belongings, furniture or anything else, even the strongest models are subjected to a large amount of strain. Aluminum beds are 40% lighter, while they provide the same amount of support and structural integrity. Let’s face it, gas isn’t getting any cheaper, so carrying around a bunch of extra weight isn’t that clever.   You either slim down your vehicle, or your wallet, might as well be the latter. Do not mistake it for a compromise- aluminum beds are not in any way weaker.

  1. Would You Like To Save Extra Bucks?

Aluminum truck beds come up with 60 – 65% insurance savings as compared to typical pickup boxes. This means that you can save 60 – 65 % of your total insurance premium rates. Moreover, a 3-years warranty would be an added feature, providing extra incentive for you to consider this superior option.

  1. Attention-Grabbing Interior:

Aluminum truck beds often come with very fine interior installations, including a jacketed harness, LED lighting and contoured headache brackets to match the cab. Also, included in the package is tie trail with stake pockets.

  1. A Pro Look With Fine Overall Installation:

The aesthetics of our vehicle is very important, and many people would rather pay more for fuel than compromise this all-important attribute. Many people worry that by shifting to an aluminum bed, it will somehow make their truck less appealing. If you are having these doubts, please remember that you will seem like a professional for picking such an installation. Only amateurs keep the steel original, so switching to the alternative is indicative of a well-informed owner that doesn’t make rookie mistakes.

Aluminum Truck Bed



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