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5 Cool and Undervalued Muscle Cars

Updated May 27, 2018

With so many of their kind produced over the years, it’s no wonder why some of them have become undervalued muscle cars. Although powerful and good-looking, some nameplates just ended up below the radar. There were usually more than a few reasons for that, but every car has its own story in that respect.


While some muscle cars in mint condition warrant multiple hundred of thousands of dollars stickers, others can be found for $20,000 – $30,000 or thereabouts. They aren’t in mint condition of course, but some of them can be in more than good condition nonetheless. That’s what defines undervalued muscle cars. The following five definitely fit that description although they should have cost much more then they do. Take a look at these unappreciated five by hitting next.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

Years: 1970-1971

Spoiler versions of Cyclone were performance-oriented ones fitted with 429 Cobra Jet engines. If that wasn’t enough, optional 429 Super Cobra Jet with Drag Pak and Super Drag Pak were also available. The problem was that Ford’s lineup at the time already had plenty of depth and some random Mercury simply wasn’t looked upon as important enough. That, and it didn’t exactly have the looks according to some.


Mercury Marauder

Years: 1964-1965 and 1969-1970

Another Mercury which earns its underrated status for aforementioned reasons. First generation models were available with 390, 406 and 427 ci Thunderbird engines, while second generation models came with 390 and 429 ci options. Needless to say, first gen 390 ci Marauder is probably the least expensive way of owning this cruiser muscle but there are exceptions on the market too.


Dodge Dart

Years: 1968-1976

Dodge Dart can still be bought across country’s dealerships, but we’re talking about fourth generation models here. There were some extremely underrated and undervalued models back in the day, including Swinger, Demon and Sport which were all fitted with 340 and later with 360 ci V8’s. Even HEMI Dart fitted with 426 ci powerplant comes to mind, although that one is as rare as hens’ teeth. Even more conventional Darts are well worthy of consideration unlike the modern versions that are as bland as they come.


Buick Wildcat

Years: 1963-1970

Both Wildcat generations have given us some high-performance models, although second generation takes the biscuit. While first generation offered 401 and 425 ci Nailheads, second gen started from the 425, and added 430 and 455 ci Buick V8’s as well. You can’t make a mistake whichever one you choose, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Wildcat in very good condition these days. If you do manage to find one, know that it’s probably going to cost you much less than it’s supposed to.


AMC Javelin

Years: 1968-1974

Pretty much every AMC ever made can be considered underrated and undervalued. I’d go as far as to say that AMC badge as a whole is the epitome of undervalued muscle cars. Javelin’s lifespan wasn’t that long and that just might be why we have the situation that we have today. There were some more pragmatic options in terms of powertrains over the years, but you always could have gotten yourself 390 or even 401 ci models in first and second generations respectively. If you happen to find them today, don’t miss jumping in on the opportunity.



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