5 Great Auto World Records

Updated August 12, 2014

They say records are meant to be broken but hats off to some of the more bizarre world beating attempts out there. It seems that just as there is all shapes and sizes of humans, there also seem to be all kinds of records too – here’s a few of the most interesting ones.

World’s Fastest School Bus

Late for school – well you have no excuse with this bus powered by a Phantom fighter jet engine. Created in Indianapolis – where else – this yellow American school bus managed 361mph. The bus was created by Paul Stender is sure to save you from the bell and comes with a speed flame paint job and a spoiler too.

World’s Longest Road

If you think a drive down the M1 is a long trip then spare a thought for anyone who decides to drive the Pan-American Highway. The amazing road travels the whole way from Alaska and ends in Brazil taking any brave souls who wish to travel it on a 15,000 mile trip. There is a small area where the road does not connect in Panama called the Darien Gap, however, The Guinness Book of World Records still lists it as the world’s longest road.

World’s Fastest Car

Going faster than anyone else is something that seems to be bred into human beings – we just love speed and gearheads will certainly agree. Currently, the world’s fastest car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which manages to achieve a pretty impressive 267mph. However, speed does not come cheap and the car is priced at a mouth dropping $2.6m for starters – also a world record and likely not available on contract hire. It does come with an 8 litre W16 engine which produces 1200hp and has a 0-60 time of 2.4seconds – once more a world record.

World’s Smallest Car

However, one accolade the Bugatti doesn’t have is that of the world’s smallest road worthy car – which goes to the aptly titled ‘Wind-Up’. This tiny auto measures 41inches high, 26inches wide and 52inches long is the world’s smallest car and took 7 months to create. The tiny machine is UK based and owned by Perry Watkins. The vehicle was constructed from an old Postman Pat coin operated children’s post van and is registered for tax, insurance and conforms to the usual road going standards. We’re not sure how many miles it gets to the gallon though.

Most Simultaneous Donuts

A cheeky donut does no harm now or then, but how about 57? The world record for most simultaneous donuts was broken in Australia in 2010, where 57 out of a starting 66 managed to perform a donut for over 10 seconds at the Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, Australia.

Of course, there are numerous other amazing world records out there and most of the aforementioned will likely be broken in a short time to come – all part of the fun.

Cormac Reynolds works for First Vehicle Leasing a UK car leasing contract hire company.



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