5 Great Cars to Help Get You Through The Winter

Updated September 21, 2015

There comes a time in the life of every car owner when you have to decide that it’s out with the old and in with the new. All cars have an expiration date for their owners, and yours may well have reached its own. If this is the case then, you will want to be entertaining the idea of getting a new car.



All cars have to be replaced eventually it is just a case of realising it. If your car has picked up a few too many knocks and is constantly in need of repairs then, it could be time to say goodbye and bring in a replacement.


Getting rid of your old car and replacing it with a new one can be a lot like breaking up with someone. You want it to be a clean and full break. You want the car moved on in a quick and stress-free way, and you need to dedicate your time to a new car instead.


Once the winter rolls around you should definitely be considering cashing in your current car and replacing it with a new one. You may want to ride out the winter and wait until the spring hits to get rid of your battered old motor. Maybe it’s seen better days. Rather than getting rid of the car it would make sense to go to and sell it. This way you can put the money towards getting a new car. You don’t want to have an extra vehicle hanging around taking up space on your driveway. Sell your old car and add the proceeds to your budget for a newer car.


You will want to be looking for a car that is going to be the best choice to guide you through the winter. But you also want one that is a great all round car to use throughout the year. Here are a few options of the best cars you might want to pick for the winter.


BMW 3 Series


The BMW 3 Series is one of the premiere vehicles currently on sale in the UK and now comes with four-wheel drive. It is expensive compared to other models but justifies its price tag. It tackles motorway journey’s and twisting back roads with efficiency. The BMW is a powerful and entertaining ride.


The new four-wheel drive is a welcome addition as it leaves the car with more grip and better handling on slippery roads. One of the most dangerous aspects of winter driving is the ice on the roads. Accidents are much more common due to people losing control of their cars or skidding across the frozen roads.


It is sporty and sleek, oozing class and trendy design. But the car is also one of the safest winter cars available on the market. It as strong handling and it is surprising how economical it is. A powerful engine will also help you battle through the cold weather and get you to where you need to be.


Nissan Qashqai SUV


The Nissan Qashqai SUV is a fantastic all round vehicle. It is perfect for the winter weather because it is another vehicle blessed with the wonders of four-wheel drive. This makes is safer and more effective in the dangerous slippery conditions.


As well as this the car has low running costs. In the winter, as the weather is colder, and there are more dangers on the roads, so cars need more repair. Accidents are more likely, and you may find yourself having to get your car looked at quite a bit.


You don’t want to then have to shell out on expensive running costs as well. Its diesel engine makes it a fuel efficient car, and this will benefit you a lot in the winter. You will save money and still get the best performance from your vehicle.


This car is also a reliable number, placing 21st out of 150 cars in a customer satisfaction survey earlier this year.  There are several added safety features including automatic brakes and driver drowsiness detection.


Range Rover Sport


The Range Rover Sport SUV is one of the latest models of the hugely popular Range Rover brand. Significantly cheaper than a full-sized Range Rover, the Sport offers good value for money. But it is also a fantastic car for winter. Its off-road function turns it into a relentless powerhouse, cutting through mud and snow with ease and efficiency. You no longer need to worry about getting your car stuck in the snow. Or not being able to negotiate deep, snowy off-road areas.


Special technology allows the car to adapt to its surroundings whilst it handles well around corners. If you want a bit more bite in your car to get you through the gloomy winter months then, the Range Rover Sport is the way to go.


Fiat Panda 4×4


The Fiat Panda 4×4 is compact, unique and great looking. It’s an economical little car. But despite its size and good looks it handles well in off-road conditions. This is vital during the colder times of the year when going off road may be a necessity. It may also come in useful if the roads become difficult to navigate due to heavy snowfall.


Handling is impressive, and the Panda can tackle treacherous terrain without much difficulty. It is important to be able to get around in the winter, in the same way that you can at other times of the year. The Fiat Panda 4×4 is one of the best options available that allows you to do this.


Subaru WRX


Subaru is well known for producing vehicles that handle well in winter climates, so it’s no surprise that the WRX makes this list. Not only is it a sleek looking car that is fun to drive, but it has one of the best all- wheel drive systems around.

Never has driving on bumpy, treacherous winter roads been more comfortable. The comfort and ease of your driving is important in the winter, and the WRX sees to it that you will have a comfortable and stress-free drive. This in turn will allow you to drive better and remain safer on the roads.



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