5 Most Jawdropingly Gorgeous Cars at the NY Auto Show

Published April 5, 2015

With the New York Auto the 2014-2015 cycle of car shows ends, to resumed again in Frankfurt in September. Unlike Los Angeles and New York, which each get its share of world debuts, New York seems to exist to provide a soft landing. Some cars first displayed in Europe are shown in New York, others are models that might not receive as much attention if launched in LA or Detroit (Nissan’s strategy with the Maxima?).

The one launch timing that, at first, I thought curious was the debut of the Lincoln Continental Concept in NY rather than Detroit. Than I thought for a moment. I have no data to support this but anyone who has spent more than 90 minutes in Manhattan becomes acutely aware that there are more people being driven than driving. So perhaps the Continental concept isn’t so much about the driving experience  as it is to start replacing all those Town Cars with something more modern from the Lincoln fleet.

So here’s our list of the cars that we felt were the belles of the ball:

Subaru BRZ Concept


If you were among those of us, who after all the hype, thought “meh” when you saw the first production Subaru BRZ, then we have a car for you. At NY Subaru unveiled this BRZ concept powered by a STI-developed racing engine from Subaru’s BRZ Super GT racecar, and also includes suspension, chassis, and aero upgrades. Let’s hope all the elements, which Subaru says will be available separately, will be wrapped in a single, cohesive special edition model in the near future.

Aston Martin Vulcan

aston vulcan


To first glimpse the Vulcan, it does steal your breath for a moment. It’s not simply the design, but the overall aggressiveness of the entire car itself. It seems almost predatory in nature. Not surprising given its 800 HP 7L V-12 engine. Production will be limited to 24 examples worldwide for the well-heeled (and perhaps somewhat overconfident) track day customer.

Lincoln Continental Concept


The Lincoln Continental Concept has been called out for looking too much like other car designs. Fair enough, but if you take the Lincoln out of that set of cars, you realize they all already looked like each other (compare a 300C to a Bentley sedan for example). And I believe the stylists were trying to recapture the outlandish concept cars of the 1950s and 60s with interior features that would never make it into production. But as a large stylish sedan for the person who prefers to slip into a party quietly than come through the front door, this Lincoln might just be for you.

Ford GT


The 2017 Ford GT stole the show at Geneva Auto Show finished in blue. All the mechanical details have been well recorded so no need to go into detail here. While the GT displayed in NY is silver, I wanted to share my favorite angle, which is from above. From here the extraordinary work of the designers and aerodynamicists on the back half of the car can be best appreciated.

 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


Looking much more attractive in yellow than the white color displayed at previous events, the Alfa Romeo’s 4C Spider drew a great deal of attention in New York. In lieu of a traditional retracting soft roof or folding metal roof, the “little” open top Alfa is delivered with a lighter removable soft roof, with an optional carbon fiber hardtop.


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