5 Must have Car Care Products

Updated January 31, 2017

Car care products, as the name goes are responsible for looking after the cars. Generally, cars get dirty because they are constantly exposed to dust and after a point of time it gets really tough to clean the stubborn dust, especially the interiors. Following are some of the car care products for keeping your car clean:

Interior Cleaners:

A majority of car interiors are delicate, so you need to have right products for cleaning the interior of a car. You can use upgraded interior cleaners, as they are helpful in cleaning the stubborn dust at the corners of your car’s interior. If you wish to have clean car interiors, then it’s essential for you to have complete knowledge of your car’s interior. You would have to invest some money on such car protectors in order to increase the life of your car. Leather of the car seat requires extra care for retaining its beauty. You can use conditioners for cleaning and shinning the leather.

Exterior Cleaners:

If you wish to make heads turn, then you have to give due attention to the exteriors of your car. They give first impression about your car to the on-lookers. You should always maintain a 3-step formula for maintaining the beauty of your car exterior, which includes washing, polishing and waxing it. You can use car shampoos for cleaning your car. It’s helpful in wiping away the dust particles from the exterior the car’s exterior. Your car should appear flawless and this can be achieved by the use of car polishing and waxing. You should use glass cleaners for cleaning windows of the car. This would enhance the appearance of your car.


Tyres and wheels are surely one of the toughest parts to clean. Over the years, many inventions in this area have eased off the job of cleaning these parts. There are plenty of cleaning products for cleaning the tyres and wheels of a car but it’s essential for you to choose a product wisely.

You can use non-acid tire cleaners for keeping your tyres clean. Most of the professionals use them for cleaning their tyres and also for improving the performance of stubborn brakes. It has been noticed that acid based cleaners can lead to damaged wheels or removal of its coatings, so it’s always safe to use non-acid based tire cleaners. You should always avoid detergents for cleaning your car because it can damage your car’s paint. While buying a product for washing the wheels, you should check out its components and see to it that it doesn’t have any chemical.

Waxing for Protection of Paint:

While your car leaves the factory, it has a coating of painting but over a period of time this coating wears off due to numerous reasons. This is where wax comes into picture. Obviously wax may also wear off after sometime but what it does is that it protects your car’s body from scratches and stains. It has been seen that younger drivers prefer liquids while older folks opt for waxing. In the long run, both are beneficial and prevent the paint for wearing off. This is used just for an additional protection but it’s completely up to and your choice, whether to choose liquid or wax. Dealers, generally, tend to use double coating of wax; in case of the first coating of wax wears off, then there will always be a second coating. All these products go a long way in protecting your car from both natural and unnatural damages.   


Guest Post by Steve, a motor enthusiast who loves to maintain his car. He has been working with some of the leading car franchises in UK.

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