5 Must Have Things for Kids in Your Car

Updated September 20, 2015

No matter what the season, if you have kids, and no matter what their age is, you will likely run into the same problems. Whimpering, “Are we there yet”, “I am bored…”, “Mom/Dad she is bugging me”. Then you the driver is distracted, and this could cause a major risk problem for everyone involved. Not to mention the large spike in blood pressure.


So how does one avoid having their children bored? It is as simple as bring, or keep something in your vehicle at all times that can entertain them. This could be something as simple as a snack, a book, or if you have a DVD player, entertain them with some media.

Snacks and beverages: Let’s face it if you have kids you know by now, they are always hungry, and if they aren’t hungry they are bored. So try to keep something quick and healthy on hand in the vehicle.

Books: If you are trying to convince your children to read more often, or if they are learning, there is no better time to keep those young minds occupied with some great literature.

Trash Bag: Kids are messy, and they somehow manage to find something in their pockets from school or from outside that needs to be disposed, so having a trash bag available will save you a lot of time in the end when having to fully detail your vehicle.

Coloring Books:  Keep a number of coloring books for all ages, depending on the age range of your children available in your vehicle. Make them easily accessible so the kids can easily grab and color. We recommend using color pencils over crayons and markers. Trust us, you will thank us later.

DVD Player or Media: Music or video, whatever you can use to engage your children, preferably something educational. Kids love to zone into a funny cartoon, or Disney movie.

So how does one fit all of this in a single car? Well that is the real question. Ideally this is best suited for those of us who drive SUVs, or Crossovers, like a Hyundai Santa Fe for example. You can read more about the Santa Fe in this review by Hyundai White Plains serving Bronx NY. But there are many other SUV models, minivans and full-size sedans that will do the job just fine. Either way you need to find a way to entertain those children before they drive you crazy.

Source: Hyundai of White Plains NY



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