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5 Pieces Of Future Technology We’ll All See In Our Cars One Day

Updated March 28, 2014

You can’t do anything but smile when you think about how much car technology has improved over the last hundred years. Can you imagine driving around in something they had in the olden days? I know people like their old cars, but it’s definitely for show and not because of how awesome they were. We’ve came a long way in that time and next century they will be even more amazing. We all like to think our cars will be able to fly or go underwater, but can you really see that happening? Is that too much?

It probably is and will maybe happen in the next millennium, but not century. We have to be realistic about what will be available and considering how much we’ve improved so far the results will be amazing no matter what they are. Let’s throw on our thinking caps and look closely at some technological advances that will be possible and could happen sooner than you think. They might not be ready before you buy your next car, but hopefully you will see them before you die.

Talking to each other

The only way two cars can speak to each other at the moment is when each driver rolls down the window. What if the actual cars could speak to each other in the future? One cars comes flying along the road and drives through a red light. This could mean certain death for you, but suddenly your own car warns you of the danger and you come away without a scratch. Your car could even throw on the brakes automatically and save your life. Hopefully a simplified version of this won’t be too far away.

Cars that drive themselves


I’m sure you’ve seen one of these before, although it was probably at the cinema rather than driving down the road in front of you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go out for the night and you had your own personal taxi to drive you home? You definitely wouldn’t need to get up in a hurry before work because you could get ready in the car. Google are already testing some self-driving cars and they’ve driven over a few hundred thousand miles on public roads, so get ready.

Futuristic dashboards

Have you ever seen what a pilot can see when they’re looking at the dashboard of their fighter jet? It’s almost like the details are floating around in the air and they are very easy to pick out. You already know how hard it is to keep your eyes on the road and the speedometer at the same time. At some point in the future all that vital information on the dashboard could be floating around right before your eyes.

Much better airbags

How many airbags do you have in your car at the moment? Depending on the make and model of car you could have them all around you, but they don’t stop an accident just yet. At the moment they’re only to help reduce your risk from injury. In the future they could be deployed to help your car come to a stop before an accident even happens. Mercedes are currently looking into airbags that blow up underneath the car and slow it down before impact.

Cars that absorb energy

Solar - Electric Car on Mall

Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular. Sooner or later you might find we’re all driving one and it’s only good news for the environment. Imagine what would happen if you didn’t even need to charge your car. How could this possibly be? Your panels could actually absorb the energy from the sun and your car would be powered automatically. You can already hear the big oil companies crying in their sleep.




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