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5 Places to Go In Your 4×4

Updated October 2, 2013

So you’ve bought your 4×4, but if you’re planning on using it for more than just shopping and taking the kids to school then you’ll need to be careful where you go. Off-roading is great fun – no-one denies that! – But you can’t just do it anywhere.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to the guy who says that everyone does it, and that it’ll be fine – illegal off-roading is a bad idea. It gives off roaders a bad name, your vehicle can be seized and crushed and you can be prosecuted for it. Fortunately there are loads of places where you can take your 4×4 and go off-roading legally – here are just a few…

Wild Tracks Off Road Activity Park, Newmarket, Cambridge. They will let you bring your own 4×4 on Mondays to Saturdays and can even provide lessons. Just make sure you bring your mobile in case you get stuck, and they will come and haul you out. You can even camp onsite and bring the dog, if he’s well behaved. They offer loads of other activities as well, and even have some stag and hen packages.

Wild Tracks Off Road Activity Park

David Mitchell’s Landcraft organise several off-road events throughout the year, their biggest being the Snowdonia Adventure Drive through North Wales. There are alternative routes for varying degrees of driver and vehicle capability, and there are even Adventure Plus days if you really want something to get your teeth into. But bear in mind that you will need to come equipped for some serious terrain, and if possible with the right equipment to help others out too.

LandCraft Adventure

The North Yorkshire Off Road Centre have several off road driving courses suitable for beginners right through to the more experienced driver. They have all kinds of terrain from mud and water to rock crawling. Tuition in your own vehicle will set you back £40/hour, but this will include winching and recovery instruction at no extra charge if you request it.

The North Yorkshire Off Road Centre

True Grip Off Road are in Kent, and they usually have some last minute offers which can save you some pennies. They offer a range of courses including 4×4 expedition training, if you’re planning a big trip or safari. They can even fit any accessories you might need in their workshop facility. They are only open from Wednesday to Sunday, something to be aware of before you turn up!

True Grip Off Road

If you’re a little further north, try the Perthshire Off Road Driving Centre. They offer courses from an introduction session to a half day session and often have deals that include your first guest free. They also hold special off road driving days and you can even buy gift vouchers for driving days for other off road enthusiasts.

Off Road Driving Center

So there you have it – there are loads of places to go off-roading in your 4×4 up and down the country. With so many places, there’s no need to do it illegally. Go and have some fun!

Antony Jackson has had a fascination with cars from an early age and has followed race and road car developments on 3 continents.  Photographing and writing about cars here and abroad, including visits to the Porsche works in Germany, 1000+ mile classic road trips and conversations with retired racing drivers in Las Vegas, his love of cars comes through in his work.



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