5 Things the New Ford Bronco Should Have

A V8 Engine? A Removal Top? A 4 Door Bronco? What Should The New Model Have?

Updated October 31, 2018

OK, so the wait is finally over and the new Ford Bronco is now official. I believe many of you have already drank a glass or a bottle in that name, so let’s move forward. The next thing that naturally comes to mind is: “What’s it gonna look like and what can we expect out of it?” Well, it’s still too early to speculate on that part, but no one can stop us from dreaming, right? So, along that line, here are the 5 things that we’d love to see on a new Ford Bronco. Hopefully, people down at Blue Oval will hear our plea, or else… I mean, if they’re finally building the Bronco, why not make it right.

A V8 engine (at least as an option)

Chances of new Ford Bronco getting a V8 are very slim since Blue Oval’s EcoBoost powertrain lineup is more than capable of moving both compact and full-size vehicles around with ease. Even the new F-150 Raptor gets the powerful twin-turbo V6, so I really don’t see why new Bronco shouldn’t follow in its footsteps. And it almost certainly will. What I also don’t see as an issue, however, is the optional V8 mill. 5.0L V8 straight out of F-150 or a Mustang would be the number one choice, and frankly, it’s something all Bronco die hard fans would want to happen.

Let’s be realistic, though. 351 Windsor was probably the best engine ever to have graced the Bronco engine bays, and we won’t be seeing its likes in a while. 5.0L V8 is the closest thing to it we can expect in given circumstances, and I would have taken that if it was an offer in a heartbeat. Yet again, I don’t expect this to happen. It’s a long shot to say the least, but a shot we’d all like to see come through. Let’s just hope Ford sees things our way.


Full-size, body on frame platform

V8 engine might be the long shot, but full-size body on frame Bronco platform is like 7th round pick quarterback leading his team to back to back NFL championships. OK, there’s Tom Brady, but he was picked in the sixth round. What I’m trying to say is that the new Ford Bronco will almost certainly be based on overseas Ford Ranger compact pickup. Although not full-size, Ranger is body on frame pickup truck so we’ll at least get something.

But what if Ford decided to make Bronco great again? And I mean literally. They would have needed to write off some of F-150 sales in favor of the new Bronco, and I think that’s one of two main problems for them. The other is of less hypothetical nature. They already have both the plant and the platform ready for it. F-150 is assembled in Dearborn and Kansas, and Bronco will be made in Michigan Assembly Plant which currently spawns Focuses and C-Maxes. This effectively writes off the idea of a full-blown large Bronco, but as I said above – no one can take our hopes and dreams from us.

Ford Bronco Ideas 1

Removable top

It’s one of Bronco’s hallmark features, and one of the things that made it unique back in the day. Needless to say, it just wouldn’t be right if the new Ford Bronco came without the ability to shed a part of its top. Numerous reports are already suggesting that removable roof is a likely possibility, but how viable is it actually?

Safety regulations have never been more strict, and removable top on an SUV would certainly raise some eyebrows. Still, people will want to see it, and we can only hope Ford will oblige. Maybe they’ll offer us partially removable panels or something similar to that. There’s another problem with removable top apart from safety issues. During Bronco’s long absence from the markets, there was (and still is) one vehicle that has established itself as rugged old school off-roader with removable parts. Yeah, it’s the Wrangler. Will Ford allow themselves to willingly thread the copycat path? I don’t think so. I know that Bronco always had the removable top, but it won’t be easy fitting Wrangler-like SUV into Ford’s (or any other maker’s, for that matter) lineup.

Ford Bronco Ideas 2

4-door option

OK, so Bronco was never a 4-door car, what of it? Or was it? Remember the Centurion? It was the F-150 or F-350 based 4-door Bronco spin-off offered throughout the fourth and fifth generation. It was produced by Centurion Vehicles who specialized in converting Fords back then.

What they also did was showing us that 4-door Bronco doesn’t have to be such a taboo. Moreover, people down at Ford can’t expect to sell the required number of Broncos without counting on modern American family. And modern American family counts on ease of access that 2-door SUVs simply don’t have. Finally, there are many people that would actually want to see the 4-door Ford Bronco, and I can’t say I blame them.

Ford Bronco Ideas 2 Centurion

F-150 Raptor-like off-road capability

Ford just set up the pickup/SUV off-road expectancy bar higher with the introduction of Ford F-150 Raptor. Considering the fact that Bronco always exhibited more than solid off-road capabilities, new model will have its work cut out for it. But what can they do about that?

Well, they really shouldn’t look further than their own yard. Although I highly doubt every initial new Bronco will be an off-road king, special editions or at least some models further down the line (in two-three years from the beginning of production) could and should get the Raptor-worthy off-road package. And why not utilizing the exact same Raptor technology since they’re at it? Special Fox suspension and terrain-response system with at least a few of Raptor’s six drive selector modes would do wonders for the new Bronco. After all, Raptor-derived Ford Bronco concept rendering isn’t all that new. It only remains to be seen if that’ll actually happen.

Ford Bronco Ideas - off-road-bronco

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