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5 Tips to Choose the Right Fuel Card

Updated March 28, 2014

UK drivers purchase fuel cards for two main reasons. The first is to receive a discount on the fuel they purchse. Many companies and firms utilize fuel cards for this reason. The other reason many drivers use fuel cards is due to the side benefits many of these cards offer such as frequent flier miles, entrance into sweepstakes and drawings, and points back which can be spent on a variety of goods. This article will give you 5 tips for choosing the right fuel card in the United Kingdom.


1. Determine whether you need a bunker card or a retail card


There are two different types of fuel cards that are available to UK drivers, bunker cards and retail cards. Bunker cards are typically used by companies and professionals. These cards usually require that you pay in cash upfront for the purchase of a great deal of fuel at wholesale prices. This means they are not ideal for most drivers. Retail cards are typically used by individual drivers and are given out by different petrol stations such as Tesco and Shell. To determine the best fuel card for you it is important that you sign up for the one that best suits your fuel purchasing demand.


2. Find out which fuel card issuer has locations near you or locations that you will utilize


Different fuel card issuers have different locations and typically you can only use your fuel card at specified petrol stations. If you sign up for a fuel card and the location of your fill up station is not convenient it will be much harder to get the most benefits out of your fuel card. In order to avoid this make sure that you sign up with a company that has petrol station locations that fit your needs.


3. Sign up for a card with the rewards you desire


Different fuel cards carry different benefits. Some offer airline miles, some offer discounted fuel, and others offer credit card points or other incentives. Carefully vet each card to fit your needs. If you travel a great deal overseas choose the airline mile card, etc.


4. Choose a fuel card company with good prices for petrol


Some chains of petrol stations have inflated prices due to the fact that they have many drivers with fuel cards in a particular area. This means that a person may be locked into buying fuel from that company. Before you sign up for a fuel card make sure that prices in your area are competitive and you are not paying above market value for your petrol simply due to having a fuel card.


5. Get a fuel card with UK-wide usage


Many fuel cards can be used at competing gas stations and places like shops or groceries stores. These cards tend to be superior due to the simple fact that they can be used all over the UK which will make planning out motoring trips easier. Diversity is the name of the game and having more options is always a good thing with regard to fuel cards.


Neil Hilden is an avid motorist. He enjoys looking at innovative ways to save time or money and he enjoys passing on his tips on motoring blogs. Learn more about how Fuelcards can work for you.



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