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5 Ways to Keep Vehicle Costs Down

Updated August 24, 2013

Owning a car is getting expensive, fuel prices all over the world are getting more and more expensive. So what can you do to improve the weight of your wallet? Here are five simple solutions to keep your running costs at a minimum.

  1. Keep your tires inflated

Having under inflated tires can be a massive cost multiplier on maintenance. Not only do the tires wear out quicker, you use a lot more petrol as the engine has to work harder to move the car. Check your tires weekly to ensure they are at the correct pressure (check your car manual for the pressure information).

  1. Keep your windows rolled up

Having your windows down unnecessarily can cause drag, costing as much as 5% more than if they were up. This is because the car is designed to be aerodynamic and without the windows up, causes a severe amount of wind resistance. The more resistance the harder the car has to work in order to move.

  1. Don’t ignore a scheduled service

There are several reasons why your car should be serviced regularly. Whether it be the re-sale value, the quality of the engine or the reliability. It all adds up to costing more if you delay or avoid servicing your car. Changing inexpensive parts such as the oil filter will preserve the engine a lot longer if the car was left to run on ageing and dirty oil. In fact, not renewing cheap parts such as the camshaft belt could have a devastating and expensive impact on the car if it were to snap.

  1. Don’t put your foot down unnecessarily

If you’re driving along and you see ahead that a set of traffic lights has just changed to red, why is your foot still on the accelerator? You should be cruising until you have to stop. Learning to drive like this will save you money on fuel costs. Economical driving taken to the extremes could potentially halve the amount of petrol you use. We understand you don’t want to drive like an old lady all the time, but a little goes a long way.

  1. Clear the junk out of the trunk

Most people reading this will have something completely unnecessary in the back of their car that adds weight. Cleaning out your car every so often will significantly improve gas mileage. Whether it be the baby seat when the baby isn’t in the car or the huge subwoofer in the back. It all adds up to extra weight.


This article was written by Chris Rendell, a professional SEO and community Manager currently working for a leading car leasing company based in the UK.



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