6 Creative USPS Concepts For The Future Of Mail Delivery

Updated October 18, 2016

The United States Postal Service has been running the same vehicle for very near on 30 years now. The Grumman LLV has well earned its retirement as the USPS looks to the future of delivery. Enter the creative concept vehicle rendering team over at Varooma. They’re delivering six new renders of what the future could hold for parcel and post drop off service.usps-ferrari

Right now there’s almost $37.5 million in the development phase for a new USPS prototype. We start off with a concept that takes rush delivery to a whole new level. The first render shows us a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso wearing the USPS badges. What it lacks in space for post delivery, it more than makes up for in there and back speed. The 15.9 cu.ft. of cargo space could rocket to mailboxes thanks to a 680 horsepower V12 under the hood. With drop offs this fast, there’s no way anyone could make slow service claims against the USPS.usps-mercedez

Now we see a more roomy option that comes right out of a future scenario. This concept shows us an electric Mercedez-Benz Vision Van complete with sorting racks as well as drones. The van could easily attain a range of 170 miles on a single charge for the 101 horsepower electric motor. A setup like this could be fully automated or have very minimal human input. For suburbs and small towns, the van could take a central location and let the drones handle the grunt work. In just minutes an entire neighborhood could get mail thanks to speed provided by four drones.usps-jeep

Next up we see maybe one of the most  among the concepts as a result of its utility. There’s nothing fanciful in imagining a Jeep Wrangler badged up for the USPS. The Jeep DJ served American families through the 50s and 60s, making this a great nostalgic throwback. Rural communities and remote locations would be no problem for the 4×4 off roader. Large parcels and many mail bags could easily fit in because of the Jeep Wrangler’s ample cargo space.usps-semi

For mass ground transit, Varooma’s next concept gives the option of emission free transport. Cleaner air is in the future while this Nikola One Semi is part of the conceptual USPS fleet. This rendering offers the same amount of trailer space as current long haul trucks. Salt Lake City based Nikola’s hydrogen cell gives power as well as reliability on long trips. Using a US based company that plans to produce its own fuel doubles down on the benefit for jobs in America.usps-tesla

Another electric option comes in the form of a Tesla Model X concept rendered for USPS usage. Better suited to city delivery, removal of unnecessary seating could increase storage space. Currently there’s 77 cubit feet that could quite easily expand to much more. The autonomous robotic arm is a rather fun addition, if a little fanciful.usps-hummer

Finally, it seems fitting to finish on a real contender for the USPS vehicle contract. AM General’s Hummer H1 could come back with all sorts of space either inside or on top for packages. Off road deliveries and rough terrain would be no challenge, regardless of weather conditions. Varooma’s additional details really sell the rather fun aspects that could be added. The USPS kayak on the roof rack makes waterborne deliveries a snap while also keeping the courier fit. Best of all is the roof mounted package cannon to cover distant deliveries on the go.

So far, we don’t know which way the USPS will go with its decision for its new fleet of delivery vehicles. In the mean time, we have Varooma’s fantastic concept renders full of imaginative ideas.

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