6 Things You Need to Know About The 2016 Ford Focus RS

Published April 3, 2015

The 2016 Ford Ford RS is so chock-full of technology it’s easy to miss some of the more significant features of this breakthrough car. Here we hit the top six facts about the Focus RS that we want to make you sure you are aware.

1. Power. Ford, in all its materials has stated horsepower at “in excess of” 315 HP. Insiders advise us that when the car goes on sale in the Fall of this year, final horsepower figures will be in the 330 – 340 HP range. That puts it way above the WRX STI and Golf R.


2. More Power. That’s more horsepower than the Focus RS WRC had when it won  World Rally Championship events in Sweden, New Zealand, and Finland in 2010. Yeah!

Magic Switch

2. Four Modes of Power Split: Not a concept from an Eastern Religion, but the option to select from four different drive modes  – normal, sport, track and drift. The driver can choose settings for all-wheel drive, damper control, Electronic Stability Control, steering and engine response, as well as exhaust sound(!). The first-ever drift mode is calibrated for all-wheel drive to modify torque distribution to help the driver achieve controlled oversteer drifts (at the track, only, of course).


3. Gebaut Ford Zäh (German for: Built Ford Tough). All models of the Ford Focus RS sold globally will be built solely in the Ford plant in Germany, the same country that builds Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche (which is just two hours away from the Ford plant via the Autobahn).

4. Make You a Better Driver. The Focus RS addresses understeer dynamically through  torque vectoring which applies power in a manner to generate a more neutral response, and operates really in a “save your butt function”. If the sensors confirm you’re on top of the car, it’ll leave you alone. When your responses fall below what the car needs, it’ll step in. If you can deal, its a great self-teaching aid.


5. Don’t Think Hill-Holder. Instead think NHRA. In the Focus RS the car be launched in first gear at full throttle and the system manages the torque applied through the all-wheel-drive system providing maximum acceleration based on the available traction (dry/wet/gravel/mud).

6. Exhausting Discussion. The engine is connected to the world through a larger-bore exhaust system. As well as boosting performance, the system is tuned to “deliver a rewarding and sporty sound character during spirited driving, with the distinctive burbles, pops and crackles (!) that are an RS signature”, says the Ford guy. Nice.


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