2016 Mercedes AMG GT3

600 HP 2016 Mercedes AMG GT3 Racing Version Is in the Works

Updated January 7, 2015

Mercedes-Benz already confirmed previously that they are currently working on a new 2016 Mercedes Racing Version AMG GT3. It will be made available as a variant in their AMG GT lineup for the racing season this coming 2016. This official announcement about offering a new racing version is sparking the interest of car experts and enthusiasts.

Much Awaited Details

Adding to the intrigue, Thomas Ramsteiner, AMG’s engine designer also has confirmed that because of FIA regulations the previous 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine will probably not power the next race-spec GT road car. These are leading to many assumptions on what Mercedes is planning to let future owners have under the bonnet of their new racing machine.

Mercedes’ Top Secret

The coming Mercedes AMG GT3 will basically succeed the previous SLS AMG GT3 in 2016. Though the company has not released much detail, they have confirmed that intense testing added with a lengthy development period will start by next year. At the recent Paris Motor Show this year, Tobias Moers, AMG’s big boss confirmed that with the release of the new sports car, a wide array of new models will be born.

600 HP 2016 Mercedes AMG GT 3 Racing Version Is in the Works

Racing Success

Mercedes Benz and AMG are boasting about the success of their SLS AMG GT3, and foresee better things in their coming new releases. Their racing season this year racked an amazing 34 total victories, an impressive total of 6 championship titles, added with 2 endurance wins. It also had achieved 52 class victories leading to 101 total podium finishes.

600 HP 2016 Mercedes AMG GT 3 Racing Version Is in the Works

AMG Customer Support

Mercedes also announced that support for SLS AMG GT3 owners after the release of the new GT3 is released will continue. Though the company declined to give any details on how long this support will be provided, they noted that spare parts supply and other service support will still be provided in the future. Racing teams can still basically push through with their long-term goals and can still rely on AMG Customer Sports’ usual support.

600 HP 2016 Mercedes AMG GT 3 Racing Version Is in the Works

Great Expectations

Considered as the SLS’s smaller brother, the Mercedes AMG GT3 that would be released in 2016 will surely be scrutinized from bottom to top. To get a better understanding on what to expect, it is a good reminder to know that the previous GT sports was entirely developed by Mercedes-AMG in-house. The GT specification model features a front mid-engine design and is powered by the company’s newly developed AMG V8 4.0-liter bi-turbo that gives 462 horsepower, while the GT S produces a monstrous 510 horsepower. These engines pass Euro 6 emissions standards, including maximum particulate emissions levels. Because of this, many car experts and enthusiasts are looking forward to the 2016 release because if the previous models were already impressive and mind blowing, how awesome will the new GT3 AMG be?

600 HP 2016 Mercedes AMG GT 3 Racing Version Is in the Works



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