67 Camaro Bumblebee From Transformers Heads to Auction

Michael Bay’s 67 Camaro Bumblebee Is Going Under The Hammer!

Updated October 4, 2018

This unique Camaro is currently owned by the director of the Transformer movies Michael Bay. It is scheduled to roll across the stage at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona next month. The anticipated value has not yet been announced and there is no reserve price set at this time. Unique movie cars have always been known to do well at auction and this is the original Bumblebee Camaro that was featured in “Transformers: Age of Extinction”.

The 67 Bumblebee Camaro displays a very bold representation with its low stance, extended fender flares, and the huge low-profile tires. The shaved bumpers, massive front splitter, and nose striping further enhances the concept of a bold representation. The yellow nose striping and yellow rear spoiler support the intended theme. Hideaway headlights suggest that it is based off of a Camaro RS/SS platform.

67 Camaro Bumblebee 1

The Transformer theme is represented by the transformer emblems that are showcased on the interior, exterior, and even in the engine compartment. Special valve covers were designed to highlight the Transformer bumblebee theme. The LS V-8 power plant is specifically dressed-out to represent this car.

67 Camaro Bumblebee 2

The interior also incorporates Transformer badges as well including the three-spoke steering wheel. The interior boasts basic leather seating and a yellow roll cage to also represent the bumblebee theme.

67 Camaro Bumblebee 3

67 Camaro Bumblebee 4

Exterior badging is also showcased in several different locations on the exterior of the Camaro.

67 Camaro Bumblebee 5

67 Camaro Bumblebee 6

67 Camaro Bumblebee 7

67 Camaro Bumblebee 8



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