7 Cars Consumers Hate the Most

Published August 7, 2016

Consumer Reports is a website that survey millions of consumers to find out what they think about a certain product. Recently, they came out with data showing which cars are the least loved by their owners. The survey focused on the cars old between 1 and 3 years, while the participants had to answer various questions, including how they feel about the car’s fuel consumption, its design, etc.

About 350,000 cars were reviewed in this survey and the results showed that about 70% of people would buy the same car again. The cars that didn’t do that well were those whose owners said they’d bought it again in about 50% of the case. Here are the 7 cars from 2015 that got the worst score in the Consumers Report survey.

#7. Nissan Frontier

#7. Nissan Frontier -

Midsize truck concept was abandoned already by various car manufacturers, including GM and Ford. Perhaps, it is the right time for Nissan to do the same as people don’t really like the Frontier truck. Still, the Frontier is not as hated as the other cars from the list. About 60% of those who owned it, would buy it again, which is a relatively good number.

#6. Nissan Altima

2015 Nissan Altima

Once again, Nissan is on the list. This time it’s the Altima, a mid-size sedan that has been in the production since the early 1990s. However, the 2015 model isn’t too loved by the surveyed customers. The people complained mostly about its “horrible” handling and not-too-good transmission. In total, 58% of owners would buy it again.

#5. Mercedes-Benz CLA

#5. Mercedes-Benz CLA -

With this model Mercedes tried to appeal to younger buyers, setting the price at about $30k. With a low price, came a lot of problems as well. Customers complained about it being far from a comfortable ride. On top of that, many previous owners of this Merc claimed its tires wear off quickly. Nevertheless, 55% of them would buy it again.

#4. Nissan Quest

#4. Nissan Quest -

The survey showed that 54% of those owning this Nissan would buy it again. The number one reason for that is the minivan’s design, which doesn’t produce a great visibility. Apart from that, customers were generally dissatisfied with the services provided at Nissan dealerships.

#3. Hyundai Veloster

#3. Hyundai Veloster -

This car does look powerful and agile, but its basic version is far from being one. In fact, although you can get a model with a 201 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo engine, the basic Veloster can produce only 132 horsepower. But, that’s not the only issue with this car. Its low-quality interior is what annoys the customers the most. That is why only 50% of them would buy it again.

#2. Jeep Compass

#2. Jeep Compass -

In 2015, Jeep had a nice sale of this particular SUV model. However, most of the customers were not satisfied with it and wouldn’t buy it again. The reason is a very bad fuel economy. Because of it, 56% of surveyed customers said they wouldn’t buy it again.

#1. Kia Rio

#1. Kia Rio -

The last car on the Consumer Reports list is Kia Rio. Only 40% of owners said they would buy it again. The reasons for this are numerous, but the most common include a poor fuel economy and a general cheap feel of the interior.

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