7 Cars We Bet You Didn’t Think They Made Anymore

Updated November 27, 2015

Most new cars are announced with much fanfare and when their time is up they quietly slip away. Here are 7 cars that haven’t slipped away, at least just yet.

This is our little version of the Celebrity “Dead or Alive” game where you try and determine if an actor is still around or has passed over. Let’s see how many of the seven cars listed that you knew were still available at dealerships – at least for the time being.

Ford Flex


The Ford Flex, a very squared-off mid-sized Crossover had been in Ford’s model line-up since the 2009 model year. It was first shown as a concept at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show (10 years ago!). It replaced the even less memorable Taurus X. It was refreshed in 2013 but that seems to be wearing off. Sales are down 20% versus this point last year – not good for a model that the average Ford dealer sells once every two months.

Scion iQ


The Scion iQ was a case of too little and too much. The car was just too small for American tastes; at the iQ is about 120 inches long and 66 inches wide, just over a foor longer and a couple of inches wider than a Smart ForTwo. Even though the Toyota installed 11 airbags and engineered it to achieve a four-star crash rating, Toyota couldn’t get American drivers  comfortable with its dimensions. 2015 is the final model year for the iQ.

Audi TT


Once the darling of the media, making appearnaces on television shows and motion pictures and included in the lyrics of at least one song, the Audi TT seems to have lost some of its luster. Originally a rounded design, almost like a flattened VW Bettle, the look is more more aggressive now, somewhat like a small R8. But no one is interested. Audi has sold all of 14 TTs in the entire first half of 2015.

Hyundai Azera


That’s Azera, not Azaria (as in Hank, the voice of Moe, Apu, Cletus and countless other characters on “The Simpsons”). The poor Hyundai Azera is lost in the middle between the popular Sonata and the luxury-oriented RWD Genesis sedan. It’s competing in a market full of keen near $40k competitors who look at this segment as their bread and butter and fight hard for sales using both price promotion and advertising.

Chevrolet SS


Despite failing with the Pontiac G8, GM went the four-door performance sedan route again but this time with a more toned-down Chevrolet SS. Hoping to draw drivers away from Asian and European import sedans with its V8 muscle and more American styling inside and out, buyers have pretty much passed right by the SS. Some claim limited availability of a manual transmission is the problem, but BMW does just fine with its autos. It’s just not enough car to jump over the fence for. Despite that, the SS will continue into 2016.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV


The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the most affordably-priced fully electric-powered production vehicle available in America today wîth an MRSP of $22,995. The Federal tax credit of $7,500 reduces the net to only $15,495. So why don’t you see more on the road? For starters, its range is only about 60 miles, its motor produces just 66 hp, and its size is diminutive, a factor that also sunk the Scion iQ. But even though some months’ sales can be counted on one person’s fingers and toes, the i-MiEV will stay on for at least 2016,

Nissan Armada


The Armada is Nissan’s full-sized SUV and was first introduced as a 2004 model. Built on a ladder frame and powered by a 5.6 L V8, it has a 9000 Ib. towing capacity.  Despite the fact that some months Nissan sells less than 1000 Armadas, the big SUV remains in their line for 2016.

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