7 New Ford Electric Cars Slotted For Release

More Ford Electric Vehicles Are On The Way

Updated November 19, 2018

Ford had hinted in late 2015 on investing $4.5 billion in electric vehicle production. The prospects pointed out the release of 13 new models by 2020. Not much was revealed about the project back then. After GM,  with Tesla and other automakers churning out long-range EVs, Ford’s future in the plug-in technology looked on uncertain grounds.

It didn’t take Ford officials long to disapprove the cynics. In early 2017, the automobile giant confirmed that seven models will be worked on by the beginning of the next decade. As affirmed by the company’s CEO in the course of 2016, Ford’s high-end vehicles will be subjected to the new electric vehicle technology. All best-selling vehicles in its catalog will join the battery-powered convoy in a bid to live up to its promise in 2015.

The seven cars on this list are the new models Ford is geared towards incorporating in its bid to embrace the electric vehicle expertise.

Future Ford Electric Cars We Can’t Wait To See!

7. Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid A Ford Electric Vehicle We'd Like To See!

Ford is still the leading seller of plug-in hybrids in the U.S. It was a little odd that no other plug-in model would be released on the U.S market for consumers in the next decade; whereas European consumers will get the Transit Custom van. The hybrid van is likely to hit the market by 2019. It’s aimed at countering fleet operating expenses.

6. Hybrid Ford F-150

Hybrid Ford F-150 - A Ford All Electric Car

Ford F-150 has been America’s blockbusting pickup truck for 40 years. As such, Ford will upgrade the F-150 into a hybrid by 2020 making it a powerful towing electric truck. The new EV will also serve as a mobile generator due to the powerful electric battery. In addition to its economical capacity, the hybrid F-150 is a truck worth the entire wait.

5. Hybrid Police Interceptor

Hybrid Police Interceptor

Imagine an EV police vehicle cruising down the street or purring around crime hotspots. That is exactly what Ford has in mind. Equipped with speed and low EV system noise, the hybrid police interceptors will work efficiently in apprehending law breakers. The economical, quiet, accelerated police car should be a hallmark in Ford’s quest for EV novelty. Tackling crime definitely calls for discreetness and precision. We can only wait and see how Ford pulls this off.

4. Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid

Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid

Besides embarking on an electrifying journey with some their best vehicles ever made, Ford has other ideas in place. A self-driven car happens to be another item on its agenda. Autonomous cars detect surroundings using a variety of techniques such as radar, lidar, GPS, odometry, and computer vision to navigate minus the aid a driver. The car to be installed with the autonomous program will be a Fusion Hybrid and will be out by 2021.

3. All-electric SUV

Ford All-electric SUV

Any car fanatic fancies two things: awesome speed and a long-distance range. The all-electric SUV glides for a range of 300 miles on a single charge. This would automatically silence any gas-powered model. As confirmed by the EV chief Mike Tinskey in 2015, Ford preferred 200-300 miles per charge for their EV SUV model.

2. Ford Mustang Hybrid

Ford Mustang Hybrid - Ford Electric Car 2017

The four-cylinder Ecoboost Mustang has proved that Ford is set to give their cars a larger than life appeal. After the hybrid boost in 2020, North America will be the luckiest place to be since Ford has hinted on making the debut of the new V8 Mustang there. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

1. Second Police Interceptor

Second Ford Police Interceptor

The second hybrid police interceptor will be produced in Chicago. Just as the first police interceptor, the second one will also be crime chase oriented. The whole body work will be done at Ford’s state-of-the-art plant for police car modifications in Chicago. Unlike the other planned projects, no tentative date has been given by Ford on when the vehicle will be ready.




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