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16 Female Racers Hotter than Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Might Own the Spotlight, but She’s got Nothing on These Fine Ladies of Motorsport

Danica Patrick Hot Posing

Danica Patrick has established herself as the hottest female driver around, but we beg to differ. Below are eight female race drivers who bump Danica out of the starting field in the looks department.

Female Race Car Driver Danica Patrick 1

But before we begin, for years there have been male race car drivers who’ve been considered hunks, studs, hot, dreamboats, or matinee idols, depending upon your age and era. So it is with no reluctance that we’ve identified the most beautiful women in motorsports. In no way is this gratuitous, as these are all dedicated, hard-working drivers with clear goals to advance as far as possible in motorsports.

Danica Patrick: Net Worth, Accolades, And More!

Danica Patrick Hot - In Front Of A Car Hood

Our yardstick is the famous Danica Patrick, who demonstrated that not just male drivers with perfect teeth, perfect hair, and a perfect 6-pack could be sex symbols. Starting from humble beginnings back in 1998, Patrick managed to prove herself on the nation’s racetracks, becoming one of the best and most admired female racing drivers in the world. Today, she has become an icon of the female racing scene, with a net worth that’s estimated to be just over the $60 million marker. Currently in a relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it seems like our favorite driver is off-the-market.

Not only is Patrick worth an enormous sum of money, she has also earned many prestigious awards, including the 2005 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, 2005 IndyCar Series season Rookie of the Year, the IndyCar Series Most Popular Driver 2005 – 2010, and the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series Most Popular Driver award. There are plenty more awards, and many industry firsts associated with her, but when it comes to attractive female racers she set high standard, and today there are many other beautiful racers who stand shoulder to shoulder with Danica in the looks department. Here are our 16 “Danica Patrick Hot Competition” favorites!

Jessica Barton

Female Race Car Driver Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton is a model, an actress, and a serious import drag racer. She’s not driving some wimpy FWD Civic, but a full-on fire-breathing  Toyota Supra that produces 1,165 horsepower at the rear wheels. Her best run to date was at the 2011 US Army World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway, where she set an E.T. of 8.64 and a top speed of 170.88 miles per hour. Sadly, in 2013 the Supra was stolen and stripped of any parts of value and hen chopped into pieces. What was left of the car was recovered along with some personal belongings. Jessica estimated that she’d spent at least $150,000 on the car. Jessica is hoping to recover as much of the car as possible but in the meantime is focusing on her acting and modeling career.

Susie (Stoddard) Wolff

Female Race Car Driver Susie (Stoddard) Wolff

Born Susie Stoddard in Oban, Scotland took the same path as most young drivers do. She started in karts and then into the entry-level Formula Renault single-seater race series in Great Britain. She was set to take the next step up the ladder to Formula 1 with a ride with a Formula 3 team the following year. An off-season ankle injury forced her to miss the season. Amazingly the following season didn’t find her in the low-powered F3 car but in a hairy 500 horsepower tube-frame Mercedes in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM), where she raced for 6 seasons. In 2012 she was named a developmental driver for the Williams Formula 1 team.  Sort of amazing for a driver who’s never won a race in a car. Oh, I forget to mention, she married to the boss of the DTM and a major shareholder of the Williams F1 team?

Claire Jedrek

Female Race Car Driver Claire Jedrek

Claire Jedrek is a celebrity fitness trainer and television personalty in her native Singapore. She became interested in motorsports as part of broadcast team covering Formula 1 events. She started off in karts and then moved into the Malaysian Super Series (MSS)  where she drove a Honda FD2 in a support race for 2014 Malaysian Formula 1 support race, At season’s end she finished 7th in points against 36 competitors, all men. For 2015 she’ll return with her Honda FD2 and is training both physically and mentally, spending at least 1.5 hours per day on a race simulator.

Vicky Piria

Female Race Car Driver Vicky Piria

Vittoria “Vicky” Piria was born in Milan, Italy to an Italian Father and a British mother. Like so many young drivers Vicky started in karts at age 10, when she won the regional championship for her class.  Se moved up into cars via Formula Renault and Formula Abarth, and Formula 3. She’s now competing in the US Pro Mazda series.

Madalena Antas

Female Race Car Driver Madalena Antas

Hailing from Portugal, Madalena Antas is the daughter of a famous female race car driver in that country. Madalena competes in Rally-Raid events, flying across scorching hot sand dunes at the wheel of a Nissan 4×4.

Carmen Jorda

Female Race Car Driver Carmen Jorda

Spanish-born Carmen Jorda has found herself in the middle of a enormous controversy these last few weeks. She’s been selected by the Lotus Formula 1 team as their designated development driver. Critic claim that decision was based more on the money an attractive female might generate than on her driving talent, having never won a race in her 10 year motorsports career. The biggest “ouch” has to be the comments of a former teammate who said she couldn’t develop a roll of film, much less a Formula 1 car.

Maryeve Dufault

Female Race Car Driver Maryeve Dufault

When you hear that Maryeve Dufault had been voted Miss Hawaiian Tropic, appeared as a model in The Price is Right and had her own spread in Maxim, you might not think she’s a serious racer, but you’d be wrong. She said that while other models were spending their money on clothes, she was spending it on tire (our kind of girl!) Maryeve started racing karts in her native Quebec at the age of 8, winning several championships, before moving up to formula car classes, including Formula BMW USA. She’s switched to stock cars and has made some positive impressions, with a goal of a full-time ride in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

Inessa Tushkanova

Female Race Car Driver Inessa Tushkanova

OK, Inessa has posed for Playboy in Eastern Europe. Ok, Inessa has posed for Playboy several times in Eastern Europe. But she’s also a damn good rally driver. She’s won a few rallies in Russia, but is now driving in the Finnish Rally Championship.  And if you want to compete against the best, then Finland is your place, I mean the country has produced drivers like Marcus Grönholm,  Tommi Mäkinen and Juha Kankkunen who, with others, have delivered 13 Drivers’ World Rally Championships to Finland. Yep, it’s the right place to learn.

Her speed and car control are at least as impressive as her Playboy spreads.

Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky is the 22 year granddaughter of a famous Swedish race driver. Like so many drivers, she started in kart, back in 2004. She currently races in the Audi Sport TT Cup where she’s managed one podium finish and two race fastest laps.

Tia Norfleet

Tia Norfleet

Shauntia “Tia” Norfleet, is the 29 year old daughter of NASCAR driver Bobby Norfleet. Tia had a rough start with NASCAR and turned to drag racing where she won 32 of the 57 events in which she competed.

Ashley Denton

Ashley Denton

Ashley Denton of Evening Shade, Arkansas spent six years building her Dodge Ram 2500 diesel, which she drag races. Neither the driver nor the truck are slow pokes, running easily in the 11s.

Alex Rogeo

Alex Rogeo

Alex Rogeo drag races her supercharged 800 hp 6.4L Hemi powered Dodge Magnum in NHRA, PSCA and WCHRA competition, finishing third in year-end point in the PSCA.

Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons has achieved success in about every area she’s touched. First as a championship-winning drag racer, then a formidable rookie in NASCAR’s developmental series, and in the field of business where she’s President and CEO of Cole Muscle Cars.

McKenna Haase

McKenna Haase

McKenna Haase from Des Moines is an 18 year old driver who races a 305 Sprint Car on perhaps the most famous dirt track in the country: Knoxville Raceway. Iowa. She moved from karts into Sprint Cars, and won a heat in her very first time in the car. She’s looking to move into the larger 355 Sprints next year.

Doreen Seidel

Doreen Seidel

Doreen Siedel was German Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2008. That led to an opportunity to co-host a motoring car show. In 2011 she started racing competitively and entered the Scirocco R Cup in 2014. In 2015 she was a guest driver in Audi Sport TT Cup.

Courtney Force

Courtney Force

Courtney Force is the 27 year old daughter of NHRA Funny Car legend John Force. Driving a fearsome and fast Camaro for her father’s team, Courtney holds the record for most wins by a female in NHRA Funny Car competition.

So what do you think? Are these gorgeous racers capable of giving Danica Patrick hot competition in the looks department? Or are you remaining loyal to good old Danica?

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