8 Great Ford Cars Coming To SEMA This November

Published October 17, 2016

SEMA is only a couple weeks away and the Las Vegas show is going to be packed with amazing vehicles. Making sure that they won’t be missed, Ford teases some of their showroom floor entries. While Mustangs are sure to be a strong presence, that’s not all Ford is rolling

First of all, we have a concept drawing that shows just enough to be exciting. Revology Cars brings a licensed reproduction of a ’66 GT350with some surprises inside. Under the hood is a 5 liter V8 Coyote and a power plant pushing as much as 435 horsepower. A steel unibody hides under a body true to the classic model which has modern upgrades. Total Cost Involved brought in an upgrades suspension to match powerful new Wilwood brakes. The lights are now LEDs, gauges have gone electronic, and a Pioneer infotainment system brings the quality. Driver comfort is also top of mind with a new AC system as well as heated, ventilated

CJ Pony Parts brings its own 2017 Mustang concept car geared for nothing short of top performance. A rear seat delete drops track weight because passengers are just dead weight to a race car. The Acid Green accents on the Stealth Grey paint job draw attention to an aggressive look and stance. Ford Performance parts are used to compliment this EcoBoost build which is a real eye

On the other end of the color spectrum is Stitchcraft’s 2017 Mustang convertible concept. While this one features the 2.3L EcoBoost engine, it won’t lack any get up and go thanks to other upgrades. A carbon fiber body kit drops weight while a new intercooler helps the turbocharger. For a little more kick, there’s also a NX Nitrous Express twin bottle setup is ready for a short boost. An Alpine audio system rocks the passengers and everyone nearby. We also see custom stitched Katzkin leather upholstery on the interior among other

SpeedKore’s Mustang entry has a more sleek design thanks to their own carbon fiber body kit. Tight and sharp lines mark the flow of the body and meet well with new 20″ HRE rims. The stock NA status of the V8 under the hood is long gone thanks to a supercharger from Whipple. While completely based on the GT model, this black and blue monster nor turns out 825

VMP Performance brings the real Mustang muscle with their Air Force inspired entry. Their supercharged 5L V8 cranks out 703 pound feet of torque and a huge 851 horsepower. The themed exterior works with the Avalanche paint job as both understated and eye catching. The body is a yet unnamed kit and features a unique hood with functional air extractors. With all that power, the safety of a five point harness in the Recaro seats would be

Finally rounding out the Mustang teasers is the Fastback Sport Touring coming from MRT. A Vortech supercharger pushes the 2.3L engine to be a great smaller ‘stang engine. The carbon fiber body kit has an aggressive, angry looking red on black paint job. Upgrades include a set of brakes from Baer and a BC Racing coilover suspension. This one also gets a rear seat delete and light weight carbon fiber replacements for the

The big surprises in this lineup are the two Ford Fusion Sport models which get great sedan upgrades. The first is from Legacy Innovations with a BASF blue paint job complimented by bronze rims. It has a MagnaFlow exhaust and K&N cold air intake system. These work to give the V6 under the hood a bigger breath of fresh air and a little more

The last is the Webasto Thermal and Comfort North America 2017 Fusion Sport Ballistic concept car. Upgraded throttle response and braking systems keep it fun and safe. This one gets low with a suspension upgrade from H&R Performance and a new set of 20″ rims. Metallic white accenting brings the Katzkin leather upholstery to life in the cabin. The 2.7L EcoBoost engine has an easier time breathing thanks to a new heat extracting hood.

In conclusion, it looks like Ford is bringing their A game with more than just Mustangs. While there are pony cars in abundance, there are other great Ford models going on display. Each has a unique personality because there are so many different builders contributing. At its heart, this is what will make the SEMA show great when it runs from November 1st to 4th in Las Vegas.



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