8 Highly Useful Tips To Having Your Car Serve You Better

Updated February 1, 2017

One of the best examples of convenience and functionality is the creation of vehicles, furthermore, cars are not only convenient, but they are also affordable as well. The dream to own a car has been turned into a reality for many because of the loan facilities that are extended by banks and other financial institutions, therefore, a car in most countries is no longer considered a luxurious item but a necessity.

Just like it would apply for any other piece of equipment, the vehicle needs looking after. The degree to which you will care for it, is the degree to which it will perform at its best.

It is important to make sure that the car is routinely checked and serviced. This ensures that when the car is on the road, you have total control and this minimizes the occurrence of mishaps. This however, does not mean that the car can only be guaranteed as safe during these visits, it is possible to ensure the safety of the occupants by ensuring the efficient running of the car. There are certain expert tipsthat can assist evaluate the car’s overall performance:

The mileage tip

It is prudent to keep an inventory of all the fuel that the vehicle consumes as well as the number of fill ups it requires. These reading will help you to schedule car servicing and therefore enhance the life and perfomance of your car.

The starter key tip

It is common knowledge that once the key is in the ignition, it is all systems go. Much as this is true, the point of concern is the way that people tie up many keys together with the ignition key, in the long run, this causes failure of the ignition switch. Few is definately the best way to go when it comes to keys. In fact, consider having the ignition key separate from all the others.

The filling up tip

For many, when they spotf a fuel tanker they see this as an assurance that there is enough fuel and they fill up their tanks there. However, the best approach is to actually avoid fueling there; the transfer of the fuel from the tanker to the gas pump is likely to cause deposits and impurities to find their way to the fuel filter and result damage to the vehicle.

The gear tip

The most natural thing to do when you are driving and you come to a red light is to wait it out. What people usually do is leave the gears as they are, and this is not good for the car. When the gears are still engaged, this puts a strain on the engine; what you need to do is make sure the gear is at neutral, whenever you are on a red light, to prevent the vehicle from pushing even when it is at rest.

The immediate driving tip

It is always very tempting to step on the gas and speed off for a thrill! However, it is less likely to be in the engine’s best interests because statistics show that the greatest wear and tear to a car occurs within the first 15minutes of operation. Just drive steadily and accelerate over a longer distance, this will take good care of the car.

The taillight tip

In the event that the car’s taillight gets damaged, it is important to ensure that it is fixed sooner rather than later. Often times a damaged taillight is ignored resulting in water filling the light area causing more harm to the vehicle. It is more advisable to temporarily tape the damaged area and minimize the likelihood of the seepage.

The splashguard tip

Some of the less recognized components of a vehicle are likely to protect the more vital parts; splashguards are a good example of such components that are designed to ensure that the electrical parts of the car do not come into contact with water and cause likely malfunction of the same. It is therefore wise to ensure that the splashguard is in good condition always.

The temperature tip

The external climate will affect tire pressure. It is therefore important to make sure that when the temperature drops, the tire pressure is restored, as tires tend to lose pressure in such weather. Tire pressure will affect the performance of the car, as the car’s load will not be evenly distributed among the tires. This imbalance could result in instability while the vehicle is moving, and this is dangerous.

It is important to note that the smooth and optimal performance of the car is not only a direct reflection of the owner or driver, but it is also an important factor in reducing road carnage.

Chad loves to blog about cars, and often reads websites offering expert auto tips. He enjoys giving people advice on how to look after their vehicles too because he knows that a vehicle in good condition translates to one less accident on the road.



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