8 Must See Side-splitting Motorcycle Sidecars

Who Invented The Motorcycle Sidecar? Not These Guys, That’s For Sure!

Updated September 27, 2018

The sidecar was invented in 1893. Today sidecars often express the personality of the motorcycle’s owner and boy do we have some wild ones to share with you.

Motorcycle Sidecar 1

Is this a ’34 Ford Vicky with a motorcycle attached or is it the other way around? Whatever the case there’s some amazing craftsmanship here.

Motorcycle Sidecar 2

While we’re on our Hot Rod Sidecar theme, how about a tasty Woody hooked-up to a Triumph?

Motorcycle Sidecar 3

How better to promote your brewery than to have your local Cooper construct a barrel shaped sidecar for your bike?

vw bus motorcycle sidecar

Underpowered scooter meet underpowered van. A match made in heaven: a Vespa scooter with a miniature Type 2 VW sidecar. Perfect.

Motorcycle Sidecar 6

I’m not certain whether they’re taking their pig to market or just out for a Sunday ride (since it’s clearly not California or Florida, I’m going to guess this is a one-way ride for the pig). What cracks me up is the road sign behind the rider.

Motorcycle Sidecar 7

Maybe less of  sidecar and more of a sideways trailer, the boat is fully functioning once launched into a neighboring lake, stream, or river.

Motorcycle Sidecar 8

Could there be a more appropriate way for a H.O.G. member to travel to his or her own resting place?

Motorcycle Sidecar 9

The Purple Helmets are a motorcycle display team from the Isle of Man who specialize in riding displays performed without clothing. What else would you expect citizens of an island that hosts the world’s craziest motorcycle race?


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