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9/11. A Small Reflection by a Gearhead.

Published September 11, 2012

Good Morning one and all. Today is September 11th 2012, and as Americans we know theFrance 9-11 significance of today’s date. It was this date that has, and shall forever live in the minds, and memories of hundreds of thousands of people, not only in New York, but all over the United States, and the world.

Rmembering 9-11-2001This segment will not be an opportunity to try to tie cars and the significance of 9/11 together. Rather it will be a moment of reflection, not on the negative of the incident, but more on the looking forward of hope, and prosperity. There’s no need to go over time lines, or relive minute by minute plays of that horrific morning. Let’s think about where we have come as a people who love each other, our families and friends. Let’s think about how much stronger this event has made, the common man, and all who dare to help him strive to move forward in his/her lives.

The security of the US take a strong hit, but from that hit came much more diligent regulations, higher spec of protective technologies, a keen and extremely sensitive awareness of our surroundings, and above all the need to become more proactive in where we are, and what we do. As a native New Yorker, and prior Military Specialist, my life was directly effected by this tragedy, and every year I take a few moments to reflect, and then be thankful for all of the people who still to this day, work tirelessly to build the new World Trade Center Hub, and stand at the ready to defend our great nation.

I want to wrap this up by saying something that I truly believe in. I’ve spoken to dozens of families who have lost loved ones during this event, and I found that once you say something as simple as, “I’m sorry for your loss.”, it lifts another small piece of hurt off of Wall of Memoriesthe shoulders of those who actually suffered a loss during the actual events. So if you do, know someone who lost somebody during 9/11 be sure to reach out to them today, and if you don’t know somebody who lost that special someone during 9/11, be sure to just express how you feel, talk to them. Talking, and hugging always makes any day, especially this day go by THAT much more smoothly. Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day.


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