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1996 Dodge Viper Supercharged front 3/4

937 hp 1996 Dodge Viper For Sale If You Have The Balls

Is This The Easiest Way To Die? Maybe Not, but it’s Probably the Most Fun.

Published October 19, 2017

If you really want to die and have 50 grand to spend, then this is your lucky day. Baltimore Craigslist listed a Dodge Viper for sale, and it’s no ordinary Viper. The one to which I am referring is a first gen 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 with a supercharger and 937 hp to the wheels running on E85 fuel.

Hell, the Dodge Viper is a tough car to tame even with “only” 500 hp at the rear. Just imagine how much easier it is to lose the rear end with double the power?

1996 Dodge Viper Supercharged profile

The previous owner actually did a whole lot of tune-ups including smashing a Paxton Novi Centrifugal supercharger on top of the massive 8.0L V10. In some lesser tunes, this Viper develops 800+hp, but with everything dialed up, the V10 churns out an absolutely insane 937 hp. That is a lot even for the latest hypercars with all the imaginable driving aids in place. For a Viper without any of that high-tech stuff – it toes the line between silly and downright dangerous.

This 1996 Dodge Viper has been Heavily Modified

In any case, it seems that this thing may be the perfect companion for drag races. I cannot exactly imagine it taking on the track or anything beyond a straight line (and even that may be questionable). Although it must be said, the owner actually installed advanced AEM Infinity ECU with an 11-way programmable traction control system. This will certainly come in handy – especially if anyone is courageous enough to take it for a spin on a rainy day. Such a massive power upgrade required a number of other mods as well. In that regard, the 1996 Viper gained more powerful fuel pumps, a triple-pass high-flow radiator, a front-mounted heat exchanger, and upgraded high-strength axles.

1996 Dodge Viper Supercharged rear 3/4

The seller comprised quite an informative ad on Craigslist, noting:

“It is a rare car in itself because there were only 320 white w/ blue stripe RT’s produced from 1996-1999. Original paint and interior. 2 owner car (I am the 2nd) and this car has been maintained and cared for as it is meant to be.

I purchased the car already Supercharged (initial work was performed by Dallas Performance and then had an AEM Infinity installed by RSI and was retuned and dyno’d at 707 rwhp). I decided to add some more goodies shortly after I purchased it. The car is currently running with 3 available custom tunes (93 octane @ 820 rwhp, Fuse Ignitor 116 octane @ 907 rwhp and e85 @ 937 rwhp).”

Before you make the final purchasing decision, know that there is a lien on the car. Not exactly something to look forward to is it?

1996 Dodge Viper Supercharged engine bay 1996 Dodge Viper Supercharged profile


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