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1988 Pontiac Fiero For Sale – Only $80,000??? WTF

So you purchased a wildly mediocre car and kept the miles off of it in hopes that someday you could sell it as a collectors car and reap the rewards. Problem is that this is not a hot time to sell the Fiero, because there is never a hot time to sell the Fiero! Unless it's…

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Fuel Alternatives you Would Never Think of.

Five WTF Alternative Fuels

People have been experimenting with alternative fuels since before we discovered North Sea oil, and, consequently, many wild and wacky fuels have come into existence. Sadly, we have not yet found anything as efficient and consistent as oil based fuel, but here are a few petrol alternatives which might just work well enough to raise…

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Dukes of WTF

I love the classic Dodge Charger and I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard, and to find out that they want to change one of my bucket list cars gets my deranged mind working. Enjoy With the unbeknownst threat of a Confederate flag offending everyone, we see that General Lee models are removing the…

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Dodge Power Wagons makes for great jacked up trucks

The Greatest Jacked Up Trucks Ever

What is it about jacked up trucks that attracts everyone's attention. Even if your reaction is WTF, you check a jacked up truck out as you pass by. For those of us who know what goes into building lifted trucks, it may be a curiosity as to how the owner put the lift in. For…

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The 8 Dumbest Ideas for Cars (& Trucks) Ever (& Why)

There are times you look at a car or truck and wonder "WTF?" So do we. So we looked into the top eight "WTF" cars and trucks and here's what we learned:   Lincoln Blackwood The stainless steel-lined plastic bed, with its carpeted floor, was not conducive to carrying much more than bags of groceries.…

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Ferrari FXXK for the Mrs.

When we think, who in their right mind would pay money for a car they couldn't keep, it turns out we found some people, and we would likely do the same thing if we had this much cheese to fork out. The VP of Google has somehow lost his marbles and purchased (rented) a Ferrari FXXK…

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Seven of the Weirdest Cars That Hollywood Celebs Drive

People are quirky, celebrities doubly so. They can express themselves through their clothes, music, personal hygiene, and the cars they drive. Here are 7: Rupert Gint - Mr. Whippy Ice Cream Truck We all remember the redheaded Rupert Gint who was pretty much a bungles his way through most of the Harry Potter movies, but…

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10 Typical Drug Dealer Cars Seized

At one time fighting off super models on their yacht, now they're fighting off snaggle-toothed meth heads from their commissary cornbread. Drug dealers are entrepreneurs that fulfill the constant voids of supply & demand, no matter if it gets them 10-20 or big money. These dealers take risks and one of those happens to be driving around in a shiny exotic…

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17 More Hilarious Street Signs, Now With Reader Entries!

Last month we shared photos of amusing street signs and based on your overwhelmingly positive response we tracked another round of strange but true images. Also,  we'd like nothing better than for you to add your strange street sign locations to the comments section of this Facebook post (like our new BFFs Robin Kempfer and…

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2013 CRV Honda

Future Crossover Vehicles, Are They Worth The Wait?

What's up everybody, and welcome to another great segment of Gearheads. Today we're going to look at the future of the what is known as the Crossover vehicle. In an article posted some time ago, we kinda, sorta bashed the Crossover in regards to what it is, and what it represents, but today we are…

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Is there some change headed toward the Range Rover 2013?

Why, yes there is actually because according to our Land Rover sundial the Range Rover 2013 will be a whole new awesome 4×4 that sees no 4x4ing. Let’s look at these Rivera show ponies. Land Rover was the British Vehicle meant to colonize shit and make it the crowns for the taking. It was a rough and tumble (top heavy) kinda vehicle that when running properly would get you over any mountain and through any jungle. Now a day’s it’s more like it will get you over any kindergarten cross walk and through any mass of paparazzi. I can’t complain because I myself really like the looks and design of the new Range Rover Sport yet it seemed I wouldn’t be able to take the thing off road without my lease being voided. Land Rover has now become “Fabulous Rover” and to prove my point we see the 2013 Range Rover Evoque and its actually 2013 Land Rover Evoque yet everyone searches for it with Rang Rover in front because the LR4 is grosssssss and icky and don’t care about the true 4×4’s. Seriously the Evoque was shown first at a Vogue press release instead of an NRA duck hunt WTF? But yes the 2013 Range Rover Evogue is meant to clear the trail to the hottest night club in town yipeeeeee! It will come with a price tag of too much and will sell very well.

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BYD E6 Spotted out Road Testing – aka the GM Volt Killer

Explaining the Chinese Car Industry and Chinese Cars

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