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Chevrolet Cruze CLK55

This Chevrolet Cruze is Cosplaying As A Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

We get the feeling that the owner of this Chevrolet Cruze wasn't exactly sober-minded when they decided to turn the car into a freaking Mercedes-Benz AMG. Yes, it happened; where other than down under? In Melbourne, you see. Now, the car in question isn’t actually a Chevrolet Cruze, but a Holden Cruze translated into something that resembles…

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Toyota CH-R

The Biggest 2017 SEMA OMG!!! – 600hp Toyota C-HR R-Tuned (Juke R Dominator)

Nissan Juke R 2.0. You have to love it. Just think about it - quirky Juke with a GT-R 600hp Nismo engine strapped in place of the small 1.6-liter unit. It’s exceptional in its insanity. I don’t know why (actually, I do) but every time I think of it it reminds me of this photo.…

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RXR One Super Gran Turismo AMG GT Front

This 848 hp RXR Super GT IMSA Mercedes-AMG GT Is The One You Should Not Miss

Every time I think the Mercedes-AMG GT has become somewhat boring in the world of tuning, new stunning work comes out and I get devolved in a second. The AMG GT is a beautiful car now made even more striking with the IMSA tuning kit. It moved this upper-level sports car deep into supercar territory. I…

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mercedes-amg project one

Formula 1 For the Road – Mercedes-AMG Project One

We have never been closer to a road-legal F1 car than with this stunning piece called the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Not only does it have a proper Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 engine inside (yes, that 1.6L turbocharged machine), but it shares many of other technological virtues of Formula 1 cars. In a sense, that alone makes…

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Jaguar is Preparing an Assault on AMG

While Jaguar might be known for their more modest offerings in recent years, the company has always seemed to have a flair for performance vehicles. Over the years, Jaguar has quietly snuck cars like the XKR-S and XFR-S into its lineup and more recently, the F-Type has caused quite a stir in the automotive industry.…

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MV Agusta Mercedes-AMG 1

MV Agusta Finally Part Ways With Mercedes-AMG!

After a lot of speculation and months of uncertainty, we can now confirm that MV Agusta have finally parted ways with Mercedes-AMG. Depending on who you talk to, MV Agusta have been trying to free themselves of Mercedes-AMG for quite some time…or Mercedes-AMG have been trying to get rid of MV…but anyway, it’s all change…

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2JZ OMG: A Wrangler With the Heart of a Samurai

The beautiful part of owning a Jeep Wrangler is its versatility: it can be a simple grocery getter, the perfect vehicle for care-free beach cruising, or a capable off-roader ready for rock crawls and ascension challenges. This vast array of possibilities often results in many Wranglers undergoing various modifications, whether it be suspension lifts, bigger…

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Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate Wimmer Super Wagon

Super Wagon Mercedes-AMG C63 In the World of Supercars

Germans specialized in creating awesome super saloons and super wagons. After all, Audi’s RS line, BMW’s M line and Mercedes’ AMG line of cars did prove they definitely are the best in business. Now, German tuner Wimmer tried to go the extra mile with its tuning of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon. Or should we just…

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Mercedes-AMG G65 Exclusive

When G650 Landaulet Is Too Much Go AMG G65 Exclusive Edition

If the amazing Maybach G650 Landaulet isn’t for you, Mercedes-AMG just revealed a new version of their G65. This is the AMG G65 Exclusive Edition - possibly the most luxurious non-Maybach Mercedes G of today. We are not exactly sure why they crafted this version, but people who are about to wallet out $300,000 probably…

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Top 10 Best AMG-Tuned Mercedes-Benz Cars in History

Ever since two former Mercedes-Benz engineers founded the company in 1967, AMG's fortunes have been based on one thing only; performance. With performance being company's foundation, AMG set out on a mission its founders Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, probably never imagined was possible. A mission of becoming one of the world's most renowned tuning houses…

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a 805 Horsepower Family Car

Finally, the automotive world is going to see just how ludicrous fast, sporty sedans can get before people realize that they are better off getting a practical family car and a sports car separately. I don't mean to sound too cynical about the whole trend, but I cannot really understand the appeal of a car…

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DMC’s Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe Extrem Is Worth Talking About

Among the many tuned cars that were showed at the Geneva Motor Show this year, was this sleek-looking AMG C63 S Coupe which featured an AMG Extrem package. Visually, it translates to a rear wing made of carbon fiber, rear diffuser and front lip, front and custom badges and also a forged set of alloys…

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Gorgeous Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Ready To Tackle The Panamera

Panamera may get a proper competitor. This is the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept - a four-door version of the awesome AMG GT. Why should Mercedes have one next to the CLS? Well, maybe to create a bit more of a sporty flair behind it. Although good looking, the CLS never really caught that sporty essence the…

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Lamborghini Huracan Gets An Angry GMG Racing Exhaust

Yes, we’ve seen the GMG Huracan before. It was black, sinister and awesome. Now, the green one lands on our pages, but this time, GMG did not take it down the sinister route. The new one has an all new GMG racing exhaust. It sounds badass and, surprise, surprise, it goes faster. "The factory exhaust…

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Toyota GT86 and Nissan GT-R Widebody Duo From Aimgain

Nissan GT-R is Japanese all time favorite. Now, however, the Toyota 86, thanks to its affordability, comes relatively close to the popularity of the Godzilla although being a completely different machine. So, seeing a number of different kits crafted for these cars isn’t exactly a surprise. The latest comes from Aimgain, a Hiroshima-based tuner who…

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New AMG Nissan Alpha X GT-R Debut – Astonishing Low 7s Pass

The 2017 GT-R World Cup held at Florida's Palm Beach International Raceway had us going crazy about three new AMS Performance Godzilla cars. They all made the passes of their lives running low 7s at 1,320. AMS Performance presented an all new Alpha X customer package. The world now knows - they come here to…

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Mercedes-AMG S63 S Coupe By Fostla In All Of Its Blue Glory

What would buying a Mercedes-AMG S63 S Coupe and then investing additional $26,540 get you!? Well, a very blue car with the power to match the Lamborghini Aventador S. This is a Fostla tuned AMG S63 S Coupe. It’s cool. Like blue cool thanks to blue-chrome-matte vinyl wrap. Other modifications include rear blackened lights and…

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Celebration of 50th Anniversary Of AMG Mercedes Revealed Three New Beauties

Mercedes continues hard with celebrating the 50th anniversary of its AMG performance division. It seems that they are using every instance to prize and honor the performance division which received planetary fame in the last decade or so. After the Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe Edition 50, they revealed the celebratory Roadster as well. Plus, the…

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Inspired Cigarette Racing 2017 50’ Marauder AMG

Celebrating 10 years of partnership between AMG and Cigarette Racing, the speed boat producer unveiled their latest vessel. Called 2017 50’ Marauder AMG, this speed boat is much more than just a copycat of the previous Cigarette Racing fast units. Its powerful connection with the Mercedes-AMG GT R meant it had to receive fantastic Green…

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Incredible 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon Faster Than A Ferrari

Just before the Geneva Motor Show - the biggest car celebration this year, car manufacturers sharpened up their models to attract buyers. And, no, we are not writing about crazy cool cabriolets or sports cars, but about family cars such as that BMW 5 series G31 or this insane Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon. This is…

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Buick Regal Grand National Vs. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S On The Drag Strip

The first thought that will come to the minds of many when a Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Buick Regal Grand National find their way into the drag strip for a challenge is to put all their money on the GN. This is because the GN never disappoints on the tracks as shown in the video…

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