A $104,000 eBay Bid Wasn’t Enough To Buy This Ferrari Limo [VIDEO]

The self styled ‘rarest Ferrari limo in the world’ couldn’t meet its reserve

Published January 3, 2018

The word limo brings images of a stretched Lincoln Towncar to my mind rather than a yellow Ferrari. However, that’s what we have here after its failed stint on eBay to find a new home. Coming from L.A., meaning no winter salt damage, the ’03 Ferrari 360 generated 15 bids on the online auction block. However, with the owner setting a reserve price for the ‘rarest Ferrari limo in the world’, none were enough to move it.

Earlier this year the 2003 Modena model started its life as a stretched out mover of well dressed people. A quick search on the VIN reveals an interesting history that led to what we see now. Before its life as a limo, this Ferrari sees nine ownership changes and only racks up 29,509 miles. As mileage tends to do, this climbed to 31,801 by the time it was bought for $98,650 before conversion.

Ferrari limo perks and features

The features that come with the owner’s unknown reserve price are many as well as sometimes surprising. It offers seating for eight people, including the driver.On the inside, we see embroidered leather seats and plasma television screens for entertainment on the go. The exterior shows us two sunroofs as well as an open section so you can shout at pedestrians all the way to and from your prom. The rear set of doors in this Ferrari limo are interesting in that they are suicide style which gives a unique look.

Ferrari limo spotted in the wild on video

A few months ago, an interested passerby spotted the Ferrari limo in a line of its stock length kin. At the time, signs offer tours of the city in what we’re told is the only one of its kind in the US. The person behind the camera gets a good look inside as well as some shots of it rolling. According to the video, the car is apparently worth more towards $400,000 than the $104,400 top bid on eBay. Maybe one day the owner will come down in price or some entrepreneur will pony up the full amount. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the ‘rarest Ferrari limo in the world’.

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