A 1930 Model A Hot Rod With a Mean Streak

Updated February 27, 2017

This 1930 Model A is a Low, Fast Hot Rod Built to be Driven

Cars, from the perspective of someone looking for a hobby, offer a lot of different things to different people. Some people just want to go fast or make their car fit a certain look they have in mind, while others need a car to fulfill something in their imagination. Hot rods are the best fantasy cars because they are simple, awesome, and easy to build.

That last point, the fact that hot rods are fairly easy for a normal person to piece together, is also something that works against people building cars for themselves. Cars that are plentiful with a good base of knowledge around their modification get done a lot, and standing out can be a problem. How can you make a hot rod that is simple and unique?

Well, like with everything else in this world, quality work goes a long way. Dean Lombardo, the owner of this 1930 Ford Model A Tudor, wanted something mean and distinct without having something covered in flames and pinstriping. Lots of style, and a nearly monochromatic color palette. For this job, Dean went to Tucci Hot Rods.

Dave Tucci, the owner of the shop, is known for his stylish hot rod builds. What he envisioned was something like a wicked street racer in the 1930s. It is particularly hard to make very old cars look fast. The body was mercilessly chopped and channeled until it reached its final form; something looking more like and evil go kart than a Model A.

Under the hood, figuratively speaking in this case, is a simple but powerful Chevy small block V8 that cranks out a respectable 190 horsepower. That kind of power goes a long way in a car that is stripped to the bones. Those three 2-barrel Edelbrock carbs definitely add some style. Air ride keeps the speed bumps at bay, and Wilwood brakes take care of the important job of stopping.

What sets this really impressive example apart from other hot rods is the quality of the finished vehicle. Normally chopped custom cars are patched together from odds and ends or painted over to hide the filler between the welds. Here, there is just awesome stamped steel and rivets covering the interior. Accents like that, along with the beautiful custom exhaust, make this car very unique indeed.

When clean and mean collide, wonderful things can happen. The best part about this car, though, is the fact that it was built to really be driven. Most hot rods see a week’s worth of driving each year and putter around car shows for the majority of that. If all goes well, Dean will be raising hell in this sinister Tudor sedan often enough to make his neighbors hate him.


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