A Love Of Cars Into The Afterlife

Published March 16, 2015

There are car nuts, and there are car nuts. The more extreme end who want to memorialize their car on their tombstone. Now while that may seem odd to some of us, it occurs much more frequently than you think. And as the technology for carving gravestones has improved over the years (sorry, no one is using a chisel and hammer anymore) it’s become easier to create a custom image on a tombstone. Here are a few examples for you to check out:


Stock Car Tombstone

Clearly the driver of car 61 has lost at least one fan. It’s hard to tell what exactly the car represents, as it’s definitely not a CoT. With the big bumpers, I’m thinking 1970s. To many that was the golden age of NASCAR.


Corvette Tombstone

Here’s someone who clearly loves their Corvette. But as there are no names and dates engraved, I’m going to assume that the owner has not yet passed to the other side. You’d think he’d at least have waited for the C8 Corvette to come out before he had his tombstone carved.

Terry car gravestone

Terry Tombstone

You can learn a great deal about these folks from their tombstone: they were religious, they liked Bingo, they were married in 1952, and most of all they seemed to love a early 1960s Cadillac. My question is, who is Terry?

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Alfa Romeo TZ Race Car Tombstone

Just a glance at this image and most car enthusiasts would conclude the car carved onto this tombstone is a Ferrari GTO. But they would be wrong. It’s actually an Alfa Romeo TZ, a contemporary of the Ferrari GTO, for which it is often mistaken (to the consternation of Alfa enthusiasts). I have a sense that when someone stands in front of tombstone and mutters “ah, a GTO” the ground under their feet might shake a bit.

UpLoadFile_Product_200908_car gravestones_MG1288_0S

Citroen 2CV Tombstone

OK, if you’re going to put all the money and effort into a custom gravestone, you’d think you could come up with a better car than a Deux Chevaux? I’m just saying.


Russian Mafia Tombstone

Apparently memorializing yourself as well as your car is kind of a trend amongst the members of the Russian Mafia.  I have to wonder if his necktie is askew to cover the bullet holes that landed him under this memorial.


BMW 3 Series Cabriolet Tombstone

This gentlemen was such a fan of his 3-Series Cab that he had an approximately half-scale version of it carved out of granite to cover his tomb. Weighing over 2,000 pounds, even if the owner turns zombie, I’m not sure he’d be able to left the car off his grave.


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