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A Moron Runs Out of Gas, Steals A Cop Car, Runs Out Of Gas Again

He managed to run for 140 miles

Stealing a Ferrari and running out of gas was some next level idiot stuff. But this, this is something from another world.

Picture this.

Troy James runs out of gas and called for assistance on Highway 281 near the town of Tulare. Cops responded and came with the squad car. Then, this guy who called for assistance stole deputy’s squad car (REALLY!). Apparently, he was armed and pushed the police officer from the car.

Out of gas South Dakota

Massive pursuit ensued and Troy James was finally caught after running out of gas

Of course, as you may imagine, South Dakota authorities run a massive pursuit after him. The chase went for amazing 140 miles and it stopped after the squad car run out of fuel.

Out of Gas South Dakota

As it turns out, when officers responded to the call Troy James made, they saw he is acting bizarre and wild. Then, they tried to detain him, but chaos ensued. Nevertheless, James was captured several counties further after running out of gas according to the Spink County Sheriff.


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